What Is Ghosting on a Monitor and How Should You Handle It?

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During the course of an office romance, one girl was ghosted on a monitor by her beau. And though it may seem like an elementary move to take away someone’s valuable workspace and attention, this stunt proved devastating for all parties involved – leading to a callous break-up!

Have you ever observed someone ghosting on a monitor? It’s an unfortunate occurrence that can be quite jarring; however, there are ways to manage such an event without incurring any major repercussions. Let’s explore what ghosting on a monitor is and how to handle it properly!

What Is Ghosting on a Monitor and How Should You Handle It?

For those unfamiliar with the term ‘ghosting’, it refers to a phenomenon where an image appears distinctively in one part of your field of vision, but quickly vanishes when you shift focus. For example – while browsing Facebook late at night, what initially appears as an array of content could suddenly become an abrupt blur if you attempt to focus on anything other than the screen’s current position!

Ghosting on a monitor is a serious issue, which should be addressed promptly if you notice it. If left untreated it can have significant ramifications such as obstructing sight and impairing sleep patterns.

1. Wait it out

If things don’t progress, leave it alone. There’s no sense in forcing the issue when a date just isn’t working out. Let him know that you’re not interested, and if he is – fine! If not, move on with your life without any regrets or repercussions from this encounter.

Upon arriving home from work one day, I received an alert from my phone informing me that a potential client had reached out to me. It was accompanied with an image of their website which clearly demonstrated the level of expertise they possessed and their offerings on hand; thus, prompting me to respond as quickly as possible lest any opportunities slip through my fingers!

So when our first contact did not yield a positive result, I determined to take another route: simply await further contact before taking any decisions.

2. Get up close and personal

If your companion doesn’t seem to be paying attention or is ignoring you altogether, don’t get frustrated. Instead, approach them and have a chat about whatever topic comes up.

However, if it seems that their interest in the conversation isn’t reciprocated – despite the fact that you’ve tried every other strategy – then perhaps it’s time talk about something else.

3. Find something else to do for a while

Sometimes, all the research in the world doesn’t yield any positive results. If your efforts fail to produce the result you desire, don’t panic! There is no need to keep pounding away at your problem, as a brief hiatus from it can provide fresh perspective on what needs to be done. Don’t rush into any decisions; allow your thoughts solace in order for them to become more coherent as time passes by.

If you find yourself frustrated with not knowing where to turn next, consider taking some time away from one’s endeavors and devoting oneself entirely to something else. For instance, if getting work done proves too arduous for you – why not take a stroll through an enjoyable park instead? This could prove invigorating!

4. Ask them out!

When you’re unable to take the initiative and initiate a date, perhaps you can use one of these options to find success. From restaurant reservations to night club spots – why not try them out!

It’s all about being up-front. Be direct, be honest and don’t leave anything unsaid. Asking someone out is an art; with the right words and tone, it could lead to a first date or even something more intimate.

If your crush has expressed interest in getting more acquainted, consider taking things to the next level by asking if they would like to set up a real-life occasion for a rendezvous. If she says yes, then it wouldn’t hurt to share that information with your best friend.

5. Dominate the situation by approaching them in person

If you have no desire to confront or converse with the individual, don’t panic. You can always take matters into your own hands by visiting them in person; this approach is often more effective than simply sending a text message.

If it’s possible, consider meeting up with the person in question; it is considerably more effective – and pleasant – than communicating via email or over the phone.

6. Address them directly after the event

To get your point across and make your presence felt amid the #ghostingonthemotors, it is essential to address the individuals directly after the event. This can be achieved through a concise yet concise email or text message; however, don’t delay in taking action if you desire any of these!

If you wish to open a discussion with them prior to attempting communication with their workplace, then utilize our guide on how best to approach an HR rep.

7. Observe what they like

Sometimes we can’t fully comprehend the intricacies of a person’s preferences. However, there are instances when knowing what our peers like is quite advantageous for us!

For instance, if you see someone working on a project or task, it may be useful to observe how they solve similar problems in the past. By doing so, one can glean practical knowledge from their experiences and apply this information when faced with similar challenges in the future.

try to emulate that later

When it comes to matters of the heart and romance, we humans go through certain experiences that may elicit pain and anguish.

These can include rejection, breakups, heartbreaks, and other traumas – all of which leave us feeling vulnerable. So if you’re looking for a good way to communicate compassionately with someone who’s experienced any one of these situations, then don’t hesitate to offer up some kind words in an attempt at remediating their emotional state! Anyone would respond positively if you acknowledge that they are suffering; after all, it’s the right thing to do!

The most effective way forward here is by being empathetic towards your companion and respecting their feelings while also considering how they might perceive things. Ultimately though, everyone has different standards when it comes to dating etiquette so try not to take offense or become annoyed if they show signs of reluctance regarding your attempts at cheering them up or expressing compassion – instead just keep on truckin’ with what works best for both parties!


Ultimately, if you remain perspicacious and attentive, it is possible to decipher a person’s intentions. When someone ghosted me on Facebook last week, I was shocked – but not in the way one might imagine!

If you are aware of someone who has been ghosting, then it is essential that you be cognizant of how they are communicating. If they have been utilizing allusions such as cryptic messages or vague insinuations, it could be an indication that they have something more up their sleeve; let’s just see what it is first before we make any assumptions!