How to Fix Your iPhone Screen That Is Too Dark? Darkness!

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The iPhone has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, from calling for a ride to receiving notifications and even taking selfies. However, one thing is for certain – if your screen starts looking a little dark then don’t panic! The simple solution is just to bring out the iPhone Light-Up Case!

If you’ve experienced an iPhone that won’t turn on or respond when pressing its buttons, then don’t despair! We’re here with all the information you need to fix this issue and get things back up and running smoothly again.

What to Do When Your iPhone Screen is Too Dark to Read

To fix an iPhone screen that is too dark to read, the procedure is straightforward. All you have to do is crank up the brightness of your device until it becomes adequately illuminated!

Pro Tip: If your phone has been exhibiting discoloration or instances of bleeding pixels, raising its brightness level can alleviate these issues – as well as increase visibility.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t despair! There are a few options available to resurrect your screen from darkness:

  • Purchase an external battery pack and keep it close at hand. This will allow you to maintain your phone’s connection while still allowing enough power for use; you can even connect it using the Lightning port if needed.

1. Check the Display Settings on Your iPhone

  • To determine the display settings on your iPhone, open the Settings app.
  • From this application’s menu bar, select General followed by Accessibility.
  • Then look for the Display Accommodations option and make sure it is enabled; this enables additional accessibility features such as white on black (WOAB) or color blind modes.
  • Ensure that there are no obstructions between your phone and its ambient light source. If you experience difficulty reading any text after enabling these settings, do not fret; simply revert to default levels and be certain that everything is in order before taking those steps again!

2. Turn on the Night Shift Mode on Your iPhone

This is another simple solution to employ if you discover that your screen is getting awfully dark during the nighttime hours. All you need to do is toggle on Night Shift Mode within Settings – this will automatically alter your display settings for an easier time on visibility in low lighting conditions.

You’ll be able to choose from one of three levels: on, medium, or off when it comes to adjusting brightness and color output levels – all based on personal preference!

3. Check if Your iPhone’s Display is Burned or Damaged

If your screen seems unharmed, but the brightness is considerably dimmer than usual, and/or you observe visible burn marks or damage – then it could be time to call in an expert. Apple will only replace a faulty unit if there are visible signs of damage or partial failure; however, any issue with the display could potentially lead to usability issues that make customer satisfaction less likely.

Is your iPhone 5S screen not working properly? If so, don’t fret! These simple steps can help restore the brightness back to normal for your LCD display on this model.

4. Contact an Expert for a Repair or Replacement If Necessary

If your iPhone screen has sustained damage from a fall or some other traumatic event and all attempts to repair have failed, don’t despair. Fortunately for consumers, MacFixIt offers an array of options for repairing cracked iPhone screens that range from $219-$329 – which makes it affordable even if you’re on a budget!

If cost is no barrier for you, but you need help with a complex issue, then contact Apple to arrange your free diagnostic. If the problem can be detected by them within an hour, then they can schedule an appointment with one of their service centers that day!

Still, Having Trouble? Call an Expert!

If your issue persists, it may be time to seek expert assistance. In the event that you’ve attempted all possible solutions to no avail and would like a second opinion, don’t hesitate for a moment – do whatever it takes to get help!

It is imperative to make use of an experienced iPhone repair professional when attempting to revive any type of damaged device. If unsuccessful in doing so yourself, be sure not to overlook using one!

If you intend on having an iPhone fixed at a shop, reach out to the staff members at the store nearest you. They are most likely well aware of who can provide services on an iPhone and will have access to parts readily available for any repairs thus expediting their process.


Did you know that the iPhone’s screen is shrouded in a layer of plastic to help prevent it from shattering? This coating is quite durable; however, it can be damaged if your device sustains an impact or falls onto a hard surface.

To ascertain whether your iPhone needs to be serviced or not, contact your service provider for an assessment and quote.