How to Disable Avast Silent Mode (And Why You’d Want To)?

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The inquisitive among you may be wondering: How do I turn off Avast silent mode? This handy feature can be very helpful when you need some peace and quiet – or if your office is abuzz with activity!

Turning Avast silent mode off is an important step in safeguarding your PC from potential threats.

What is Avast’s Silent Mode?

Avast offers a mode that allows you to disable the sound altogether when accessing its suite of antivirus apps. This setting can be found under Settings -> Advanced.

Enabling Silent Mode prevents your computer from emitting any chirps or buzzes when it’s idle, leaving no clue as to whether or not there are processes running in the background that might pose a security risk.

How to Enable and Disable Avast’s Silent Mode?

To enable Avast’s silent mode, simply follow these steps:

  • Select the Options tab in the Settings window.
  • Ensure that the Enable silent mode option is selected (1) before proceeding; if not, click on it and then select the corresponding checkbox to set it as your preference.
  • To disable this feature and revert back to its default functionality, reverse these actions!

The Problem With Avast’s Silent Mode: It May Not Work

Avast’s default mode, which disables all dialogue and icons, can lead users astray. Just because the application is operating in silence doesn’t necessarily mean that no activity is taking place onscreen.

If you are actively running a process within one of your browser tabs or an app like Spotify running in the background, you won’t be able to tell whether or not Avast remains active in its absence.

This may sound like a relatively insignificant issue, but it can prove problematic when it comes to antivirus software. Pay attention to what processes and applications are running on your system!

If You Disable Avast’s Silent Mode

If you go with our recommendation above and disable Avast’s silent mode, you’ll still be able to see whatever files are being encrypted or decrypted, as well as what Virus databases it is scanning. Therefore, if an intruder has installed ransomware on your system that encrypts files and demands a ransom payment immediately after – then chances are you will have no knowledge about this!

Despite disabling the built-in avast! silent mode, there are other ways of achieving similar goals. Here are just a few:

The venerable Disk Utility comes preinstalled with Mac OS X, which can be utilized for securing hard drives from unauthorized access by turning off file extensions.DS_Store and .tmp/.rmt/.apple_nobody/’es/*’. Furthermore, some users may turn off services like Finder where they’re resident within every user account; likewise with accessibility features such as screen reader software (JAWS) and Braille support like Tactile keyboard layouts.

Can You Re-Enable It?

Although disabling Avast Silent Mode is an effective means of thwarting intruders, if you find you’re frequently experiencing issues with this setting and would like to return it to its original state then there’s no need to fret!

The only hitch is that once disabled, it will always remain disabled until the next time you start up Avast – in which case re-enabling it may take a bit more effort than before.

Disable or Not

Do not make the mistake of disabling avast silent mode hastily. Before you can disable it, there are a few prerequisites that must be fulfilled:

First off, make sure that you’ve turned your antivirus software on. Then, select whether or not you want it enabled at all times; if so, respond accordingly with either a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

To disable this feature for a period of time (say, when you’re away from your computer), select the option that best suits your needs.

To be able to disable Avast silent mode altogether, simply toggle off the checkbox associated with each option; in addition, you may also choose whether or not it should persist after powering down or logging out.

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A silent mode can be a godsend when you’re working on a project, particularly one that requires utmost concentration.

If you’ve ever encountered an issue with your PC, chances are it was caused by malware. Nearly half of all incidents involve this kind of infection; thus, it’s essential to keep it at bay!

If you’re curious about why we have Silent Mode in the first place – or if you’d like to give it a try – let us know!