How to Fix Your TV Black Screen But Sound Works? the Ultimate Solution!

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Your television may be experiencing a momentary blackout, but it’s clear that the sound is still running!

Are you in need of an ace up your sleeve to solve the problem when your television goes black? Then look no further than the ultimate TV hack – just don’t let anyone hear you utter those words aloud!

Have you ever encountered a similar dilemma? Perhaps it was when watching a captivating movie or reveling in all of your favorite music while lounging on the sofa with friends. Or perhaps even during an intense game of FIFA or Call of Duty – any situation where you could appreciate having access to sound without visuals!

Have no fear, this article will provide all the necessary information so that you can unleash this ingenious TV hack and bring back the joyous sounds associated with watching TV!

Get to the Root of the Problem: Is It a Power Issue?

Power fluctuations can cause your TV to turn off abruptly, leaving you staring at a blank screen. In some instances, this may not necessarily indicate a power issue; rather it could mean that the culprit of your troubles lies elsewhere! Typically, upgrading or replacing components such as the power supply pack-in with any new set will rectify this problem; however, if they do not yield an optimal outcome then consider seeking assistance from a technician to unlock its secrets and uncover what’s really causing the difficulty – all while keeping those beloved videos and sounds intact!

Are you feeling apprehensive about the impending task of fixing your black screen when sound works? Don’t fret – check out our guide for tips on how to fix this frustrating issue (and keep your content stay secure!) without having to take your eyes off the video!

Turns Out

They are just a couple of caveats to consider before migrating your content to the web. If you encounter any issues, please leave us a comment below – we will respond promptly!

For those occasions when a movie stops playing mid-stream or for some other reason no sound comes through, fret not! Just navigate to the Netflix app on your smartphone and select ‘Fix This’ from within the corner menu bar. You can also follow our straightforward troubleshooting tips if necessary; however, it’s always best to contact Netflix Support first before attempting anything at all – they have got it covered if one needs assistance!

If your audio is crackling upon switching between apps, you’ll need to take corrective action.

Murphy’s Law is Right: The Most Common TV Repair Mistake is Forgetting to Turn Off Your Remotes

Let’s face it; the most irritating aspect of owning a TV is having to contend with accidentally turning off your remotes or unplugging them in between use.

Don’t let this prevent you from enjoying Netflix or channel surfing – it’s quite simple! Simply press and hold either button on your remote control or unplug the device from its power source before reaching for anything else.

Another Common Mistake: Ignoring If/Then Errors in Your Return Process

If/Then statements are a common source of typos and errant logic, but they can be just as detrimental if not more than that. If you forget to check the results of your conditional statements before moving forward with coding – such as when processing a payment transaction – then you may find yourself in an awkward situation; especially if paying attention to details is key for success!

To prevent this occurrence, invest time in making sure your code is error-free by running the appropriate checks before releasing your system for sale. This way, if there are any issues detected during the testing process, it will be apparent early on rather than at the deployment phase.


The final step is to revitalize your TV by applying a layer of protection. This can be accomplished through the application of an ointment or stain, or simply opting for opacity. If you plan on utilizing your TV as an enlivening component in your decorating scheme; consider choosing one with a hue similar to that of its surroundings – this could help offset any perceived discrepancies between disparate hues found throughout the rest of your abode!

Why conceal when you can reveal? Discover the ultimate TV hack for revitalizing the image of your screen while maintaining sound output.

Take a Step Back and Check Everything Out

Sometimes, a TV may shut off, yet the audio remains intact; this can be an indication of a hardware malfunction. One way to ascertain whether this is the case is by asking yourself if your remote still functions – if so, then chances are all components within the set-up remain functional!

If all buttons on your remote still function and you cannot get any response from the set-up, it could be time for an upgrade! Check out our suggestions below for some budget options that will allow you to access your favorite shows without fail:

Have a discrete device that you can use when you want to power down your screen while keeping sound flowing through the system. This can come in handy if you’re watching an episode with friends or family members at home who may not appreciate people walking around their personal space; just place them close enough to hear but far from being able to interact with what’s happening onscreen!


If you find yourself in the unenviable position of needing to resuscitate an old television set, don’t despair! With the right materials and know-how at hand, there is no reason why your outdated set should remain dormant any longer.