5 Ways to Make Friends Online Through Gaming (Without Being Weird)

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To be honest, I was hesitant when it came time to pen this piece.

You see, I had been eager to share my expertise on how to make friends online through gaming for quite some time now – but the prospect of being perceived as that awkward person who is always attempting to engage others in conversations about their favorite titles has always left me feeling apprehensive.

Recently, I made the decision to use an unconventional strategy in order to achieve success – one that did not involve talking about video games! So let’s take a look at five ways you can utilize your gaming prowess to establish rapport with others and forge friendships; don’t forget to come back for more as these tips may prove invaluable in other aspects of life!

1. Play Games With Other People

Whether it’s through live, text, or voice chatting, you can remain in contact with other gamers across various platforms. This is a superb way to forge bonds between people!

Don’t be bashful about soliciting recommendations from your newfound acquaintances: tell them what games you like; if they don’t know what to recommend, let them know and you will quickly discover an affinity!

2. Join a Group

Joining groups not only provides individuals with an opportunity to meet new people but also provides them an opportunity to cultivate friendships. Groups usually consist of several individuals who share a passion for gaming; therefore, finding fellow gamers is not that difficult!

When you find yourself feeling lonely, don’t be afraid to reach out to your favorite game’s community boards. Even if you’re having trouble locating other players nearby, you may be surprised at how friendly and welcoming they can be toward newcomers like you – so don’t be hesitant about asking any queries!

3. Post and Respond to Comments

Seeking to expand upon your online gaming reputation, you may opt to engage with other individuals’ postings.

As an initial step, click on a game title from your activity feed and then choose ‘More’ in the community box. From this page, users can leave comments or up-votes should they deem it appropriate (for example – providing encouragement).

Encompassing the benefits of commenting alongside replying to fellow players’ messages, this is another simple yet effective method for cultivating new friendships.

4. Ask Open-Ended Questions

One of the best things about being a savvy conversationalist online is that you can be as exploratory as you want–and all it takes to kickstart an uplifting conversation with fellow gamers are a few guiding questions!

For example, when seeking to connect with potential new cohorts on Twitter or Reddit, try asking: “Do you like video games?” or “Are you interested in League of Legends?” This should elicit a candid response from whoever might answer!

5. Find Something You Have in Common

Finding common ground with a new person is vital in forging strong friendships – and this applies both online and off.

If you’re seeking companionship, it’s wise to ascertain what your interlocutor finds enjoyable, as well as what he or she finds troublesome. By embracing such similarities in lifestyle, you can more easily forge ties between yourself and other individuals.

To find some common ground with the person sitting beside you on a plane or at a dinner party, for instance, consider asking questions about pertinent topics such as:

What is their favorite vacation destination? What do they do for leisure? Are there any preferred cuisines or movies? You can even inquire about something like hobbies or day-to-day routines – these could provide an engaging conversation starter!

Best of All

For those who prefer to keep their online ventures casual, there are plenty of options available. With platforms like Meetup, Facebook, and even Twitter – there’s no shortage of websites where one can easily create a profile and search for friends.

Meetup is an ideal platform for individuals looking to make new friends – it offers a wealth of opportunities that allow users to come together in person or virtually. It provides an array of events that range from classes on different topics – such as cooking or foreign language lessons – to sporting activities like basketball and even local get-togethers!

Make Friends with People From Around the World!

If you’re looking to broaden your social circle beyond those in your immediate geographical proximity, an effective way of doing so is using gaming platforms like Discord or Facebook Groups.

By playing games with people from other countries and cultures, you can cultivate friendships across borders and foster camaraderie among people who speak different tongues. Making friends online through gaming doesn’t have to be difficult – it just requires a bit of effort!


Acquaintance-based friendships are the most tenuous of all and can be easily ruptured by even the least infraction. Still, they offer an opportunity for depth; something that virtual ties cannot match!

Don’t let your gaming identity define you. We all possess a multitude of characteristics that make us who we are – no matter what game or platform we inhabit. In fact, it’s precisely these defining traits that make our friendships so profound; allowing them to transcend into something even more meaningful in real life.