What You Can Learn From the Gaming Community About Marketing a Toxic One?

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Gaming communities are a veritable cornucopia of experiences, from the exhilarating rush of defeating an insurmountable boss to being immersed in an atmosphere of camaraderie with fellow gamers. However, like any other socializing group there are also those who can be quite unpleasant – and this is where toxicity comes into play.

Toxic individuals seek power over others for their own sake; either by attempting to instill fear or elicit adulation from onlookers. Such individuals could be characterized as vindictive and prone to violence; they may even contemplate taking lives!

1. Engage with the community

In the wake of their $27 billion game industry crash, it’s no surprise that the gaming community is now under intense scrutiny. While this may be a daunting task for established companies and entities seeking to enter the market; smaller enterprises must take action!

Don’t let your business become toxic – be mindful of how you interact with the online community and keep engaging with them as much as possible.

One of the best ways to foster engagement between your brand and its consumers is through social media marketing. By making regular posts on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (amongst others) one can ensure that they remain constantly in touch with customers’ awareness levels regarding products.

Additionally, Twitch Prime members can gain access to exclusive subscriber-only giveaways like exclusive Twitch merchandise and free games!

2. Treat people as more than just numbers

Gaming communities, like all other social groups, are comprised of individuals. These individuals may be unified by a common passion for games or for particular titles – but whatever it is that brings them together should always be valued.

The most outstanding aspect of Jai’s article is not just her advocacy for gamers as consumers – it was her emphasis on treating each one as a true individual rather than solely focusing on numbers associated with sales figures and income reports. This insistence on humanity in marketing truly demonstrated how proactively Ubisoft has been taking care of its customers even during times of adversity!

3. Focus on the user experience

Your website, app store listing, and everything else that you perceive to be an asset in your business must cater exclusively to the needs of its users.

Gaming can be a captivating experience, but it’s vital that one doesn’t overlook the importance of user-friendliness. One simple action such as switching out settings or choosing a new profile picture can go a long way toward creating an experience that is inviting and pleasurable. By ensuring your product caters to its users’ needs before providing any information whatsoever – you’ll not only create confidence within them but also foster trust between parties!

4. Let your team know this is a priority

When managing a toxic gaming community, it’s essential that you ensure that your team members are aware of the dire situation.

To do this effectively, it is advisable to have a chat with them and let them know what you’re up to. This will help foster some transparency between you and your team members as well as create a sense of trust within their minds; which is key when dealing with sensitive topics like these!

5. Change your tone online and at your office

The gaming community is no exception to the rule of insincere, aggressive rhetoric. When you find yourself in the midst of a heated debate online – or even at work – keep in mind that being hyperbolic is not an effective way of communicating with people.

When your tone goes sour, it can lead to miscommunications and hurt feelings. As a result, many gamers have taken to forums like Reddit to share their experience with others on how they have dealt with toxic environments at home – and how they addressed such experiences at work. Inevitably leading them towards creating more professional content!

6. Put effort into your posts/content  

When capitalizing upon your fan base, you need to ensure that they have a positive impression of the brand. This means being mindful of how your posts are composed and how accessible it is for them to interact with – not only do these factors impact SEO value but can also enhance customer support as well!

Create an environment where customers feel like part of the community; this will encourage them to share their experiences and rave about your products. Ensure that your social media accounts are active and welcoming for users with pictures and videos posted regularly; this will serve as an indication of which platform best captures their attention.  

Allocating time toward crafting perceptive posts on social media, YouTube channels, and websites is essential in keeping up your online presence while simultaneously creating trust between yourself and potential clients.

7. Come out of your caves

Gamers are a creative bunch, and many of them prefer to use that creativity in their online gaming communities. Due to this passion for video games, many people have amassed an impressive assortment of blogs, YouTube channels, and websites dedicated solely to analyzing and discussing the industry – oftentimes providing insightful perspectives on how it can be improved.

It is essential to take advantage of all opportunities available to you when pursuing success, but surely don’t neglect your social media platforms. If you’re striving to climb the marketing ladder, you could use such technology as a means of promoting your business’ message; thus eventually leading newcomers toward becoming patrons.

Are you employing gamification techniques across all aspects of your marketing campaigns? If so, feel free to explore my ‘Gamification Framework’ resources for more information about leveraging these exciting possibilities!


Gaming communities are distinguished by the ferocity of their vitriolic outbursts, and yet paradoxically these are often more enlightening than those of any other online setting; an indication that it is crucial to remain calm and respond with self-control.

To be successful in marketing your game, it’s crucial to understand its audience. While some mob-type gaming communities may appear menacing at first glance, they are actually quite friendly and welcoming toward newcomers. This can be used to advantage when marketing your game; make efforts to establish relationships with members and demonstrate that your title is well-suited for all levels of players so that people feel comfortable coming forward with their thoughts about what works best for them – even if there’s sometimes conflict among its ranks!