Why Are Gaming Keyboards So Loud?

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Have you noticed how gaming keyboards make a lot of noise? While the technology itself differs from one keyboard to another, gaming keyboards are constantly among the loudest devices on your desk. This isn’t always true for gaming headsets, though.

The loud sounds gaming keyboards make is attributed to ghosting. Have you ever wondered what this term means and why it’s important in gaming? When pressing several keys at once, there is no guarantee that all of them will register. Standard keyboards allow you to press only 2 or 3 keys simultaneously (usually limited by USB), even with gaming-grade mechanical switches, which can withstand up to 5 simultaneous key presses with additional anti-ghosting tech built in.

Ghosting is more noticeable on gaming keyboards because it happens more often than with non-gaming keyboards. The reason behind this is that there are gaming-specific features, like macros and different controls (e.g., the ability to set up several keys to act as one single button). Since gaming keyboards are designed for gamers, they usually have additional controls not found on standard keyboards.

Some gaming keyboards are very loud. The noise coming from gaming keyboards can be a distraction when gaming, and unpleasant in a quiet environment. This article will explore some reasons why gaming keyboards are so loud. Perhaps the information together with your own experience will help you find a gaming keyboard that is not loud, or at least more bearable.

What Makes Some Gaming Keyboards So Loud?

Gaming keyboard manufacturers use different types of key switches to create keys that depress into the board rather than using separate rubber domes for every key. Rubber-dome based keyboards do not need much pressure to activate the keypress, therefore they do not make as much noise since there is little impact on the board below each dome cap.

A gaming keyboard using mechanical keys switches however, needs to use different switches for each key. That means the noise from gaming keyboards comes from a lot of small contact points hitting onto electronic circuit boards below them, as opposed to a much smaller number of rubber domes that rattle when hit.

The fact that gaming keyboards are loud is also partly due to their size which allows for larger and heavier keycaps. A gaming keyboard with weightier keys results in more telltale thumps under fingers as you depress them. The springyness of heavy gaming board keys may also contribute to the noise they produce.

Gaming Keyboards Are Loud Because They Are Designed To Be Loud?

Noise is a sign of productivity and enjoyment from gaming gaming keyboards! Although gaming keyboards are a pleasure to use, the noise they make has been a source of annoyance for some. Some gaming keyboard manufacturers have therefore tried to reduce the noise coming from their boards by using rubber-domes under each of the keyswitches.

This design choice does not suit gamers as rubber-dome switches don’t offer adjustable weighting and tactile response of mechanical gaming keyboards. Gaming keyboards were designed with loudness in mind so that players could know when they pressed a key down, making gaming easier and more enjoyable.

Unfortunately gaming manufacturers cannot produce gaming keyboards without making them loud because gamers want different types of gaming board keyswitch designs for different gaming styles . Gamers who enjoy first person shooter games on consoles desire a gaming keyboard with very light keyswitches for faster twitch gaming.

For players of MMORPG games, a gaming keyboard with very heavy keyswitches is preferable because they need to hold down a key or button for long periods while performing other tasks .

Gaming keyboards are designed to be loud so that gamers know when their gaming board keys have been activated, and can enjoy gaming more easily.

are blue switches too loud?

A gaming keyboard is a keyboard that has certain features – not necessarily exclusively – that are more favourable for gaming than other keyboards. The use of these features in gaming makes gaming keyboards so loud, but there’s more to it than just game-specific technology.

how to type silently on a keyboard?

Do gaming keyboards make it difficult to type quietly? The answer is yes, gaming keyboards are very loud and if you want a keyboard that doesn’t disturb others while you play games or work on your computer, than you might need to check out some of the silent gaming keyboards available.

What features should I look for in a gaming keyboard that is silent?

There are a few features you’ll want to look for when shopping around for gaming keyboards which have been designed to be whisper quiet. If possible, look for a keyboard with a tactile response – the keys should have a light touch and produce noise without much impact.

You also might consider a gaming keyboard that offers both membrane and mechanical switch options. Mechanical gaming keyboards tend to be a bit louder than membrane gaming keyboards, but mechanical gaming keyboards also tend to be more durable and offer greater gaming advantages with their individual feedback response.

Which Keyboard is best for gaming??

One of the most important gaming accessory is gaming keyboard. This gaming keyboard can turn your gaming to another level. On gaming keyboard, you can play different gaming commands.

Like the other gaming accessories gaming keyboards also has some disadvantages. It comes with big size and loud noise which might disturb your friends or family who are watching TV or listening to music. As it makes the loud sound, these gaming keyboards are now very popular in gaming market as they enhance gamers.


To conclude this blog post, gaming keyboards are so loud because they have a lot of gaming specific features that gaming keyboards need to have. These gaming dedicated features include extra buttons and lighting. This is why gaming keyboards are so loud, although not nearly as loud as some other types of mechanical keyboards.

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