What Does OP Stand for in Gaming? How to Use It to Your Advantage

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With the recent upswing in Fortnitemania, it’s undeniable that many gamers have become enthralled by the phenomenon surrounding one particular player – Ninja.

Ninja has gained prominence as an influencer for Epic Games’ vaunted video game title, Fortnite. From his impressive gameplay to his engaging personality and witty social media posts, he is rapidly becoming a fan favorite!

Yet, what does the term ‘op’ stand for in gaming?

What Is an Operation?

An operation is an overarching event or undertaking that involves a coordinated effort of multiple players. They can take on many forms such as raids – instances wherein groups of players are pitted against formidable foes; day one events that occur shortly after launch and provide ample opportunities for social interaction before the real fun begins.

Operations are a crucial part of any game, especially those with crafting systems like Path of Exile. For instance, in Fire Emblem: Heroes it’s possible to partake in activities revolving around seizing key strategic locations by defeating their guardians. And when it comes to exciting encounters in Pokemon GO, the Search Operation is an ideal way for players to locate rare critters within their immediate vicinity!


If you’re new to the scene or haven’t experienced a particular game in person yet – say hello. The term ‘OP’ can be applied to just about anything: from anime to movies and even video games!

When it comes to piquing interest in your game’s lore and its setting, harnessing OP is an effective way to make that happen. This can range from simple statements like “We are creating a world based on our real-world experiences” to more far-reaching endeavors like concocting a story inspired by Shakespearean lore or referencing classic literary figures in your games.

Furthermore, when crafting the opening paragraph of your Kickstarter project description, use OP to set expectations for backers and potential supporters; making sure everyone understands what they’ll get if they choose to donate.

What Do “O”s and “P”s Mean in Online Games?

If you’re familiar with the game Overwatch, then you may have noticed a row of letters at the bottom of your screen: ‘O’, ‘P’, and ‘Z’. These three; when used as shorthand for “Output Quality”, refer to the highest available settings without any concessions made.

To gain an understanding of each of these three values, let’s delve into what they signify.

Output Power refers to how much energy is consumed by the output device (typically the graphics card). For example, if you were playing Minecraft on a tablet, could you feel its effects? If so, then you’d be able to utilize more power from the device – which would result in a richer experience!

In the case of a GPU or processor, users can adjust their Output Power up and down depending on their needs or preferences.

You Can Use the “OP” Tag Yourself to Get More Respect

If you are wondering how to effectively leverage the OP tag, consider it a badge of honor. It indicates that your account is an expert at their game. Consequently; others will see this and treat you as such!

For example, when Twitch Prime members use the OP tag on their channel, they’re asserting their status as an elite player in Fortnite’s battle royale mode. Alternatively, if you have won any titles in esports competitions – for instance, Overwatch league or even the League of Legends pro circuit – then don’t forget to add that label alongside your name!

Using the “OP” Tag Is Not a Free Pass to Be a Jerk

As with any tag, “OP” can connote a plethora of meanings. For example, it could denote that someone is an overall jerk towards others (e.g., calling them names, etc.), or alternatively demonstrate their level of proficiency when compared to others in a particular game – typically used as an allusion to a player’s perceived skill level.

Nevertheless, despite the potential for ambiguity within its usage, there are certain usages of this term that are more egregious than others. Take heed: don’t use “OP” as justification for being an ass!

At first, glance, using the label “the OP” may seem inconsequential; after all – they’re just stating facts and making a distinction between themselves and the rest of the pack. But if you find yourself employing this pejorative against another player, you could be inadvertently taking advantage of their diminished status while also implying that they somehow aren’t worthy of equal regard!

You Might Meet Someone Else Who Loves Being “OP” and Being Kind to People Who Use It

If you’re fortunate to encounter an individual who shares your love for this appellation, then it gives one more reason to be even more welcoming towards them. In conversations with folks who are unfamiliar with the term or its meaning, I’ve noticed they tend to create their own definitions while also syncing up with mine – which can be quite amusing!

Don’t feel pressured to explain what the acronym means at all – just let people know that you belong to the club of those who revel in being “on-point” (or whatever other clever word strikes your fancy)!

What If You Don’t Like Being Called “OP” or Want to Avoid Being Called That by Others?

If you are not keen on being subjected to being called “OP” by others and wish to avoid it altogether, don’t fret! There remains an alternative solution – just create a unique persona that is distinct from your real identity.

For instance, if one of your preferred gaming platforms is League of Legends and you find yourself frequently labeled as “OP,” then you could establish a username such as “MoonSidewinder.” This would serve as an alias for use when playing the game alongside friends who may equate it with a negative connotation.

Alternatively, if you are more inclined to Overwatch rather than LoL, then why not adopt the moniker “Rancor?” This would effectively act as a mask for when interacting with other players in that particular title; after all, no one wants their in-game interactions construed outside of it!


As an avid gamer, do you ever feel as though your character is being OP? Don’t fret! Play with confidence and ensure victory from start to finish!