How to Use the Symbol ‘Whale’ in Gaming and Where It Came From?

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Recently, I came across a peculiar gaming term – ‘whale’. It’s noteworthy because it is one that is relatively unfamiliar to me and yet was present in one of my favorite MMORPGs.

Whales are the most sought-after rewards in video games; they can be equated to what baseball players consider extra-base hits. So why do these superheroes exist? What makes them tick? Why are there so many of them?

Have you ever pondered over this intriguing question? If so, then perhaps some sort of answer may present itself soon in gaming lore!

What Is a Whale?

For many years now, the term ‘whale’ has been an integral part of video gaming. Traditionally, a whale is considered to be any player who has amassed an exorbitant amount of wealth – typically defined as $50,000 or more. Lately, however, more and more developers are opting to utilize this figure in their titles; as it offers a remarkable amount of impactful storytelling opportunities!

In short, if you’re a gamer who’s accumulated large amounts of cash, it could be quite disruptive for others. If only by comparison – such an individual could be likened to a colossal beast worthy of awe.

Why Are People Terebinthic?

The most conspicuous feature of the terebinthic is his affinity for whales. This mighty creature, often celebrated in video games such as World of Warcraft, represents an impenetrable wall that must be breached for players to progress toward success – or even just a modicum thereof!

Whales’ notoriety stems from their perceived rarity. The “big fish” in the game industry usually take up space on this exalted scale: Sony PlayStation Peter Guber was recently granted access to the Big Blue Whale club upon reaching the $10 billion sales mark with his company Golden Village Group; while Intel’s ineffable CEO Brian Krzanich has also gained admittance into this exclusive fraternity by attaining revenues of over one quadrillion dollars!’

In addition to its undeniable allure, gamers have a propensity for naming their ships after these magnificent creatures.

Where Does the Term ‘Whale’ Come From?

Despite its seemingly innocuous connotation, the term ‘whale’ has led to a commonly recognized phenomenon in online gaming. The author is not aware of any origin story relating to the term’s use; instead, they were simply introduced via their frequent play sessions!

Whale-hunting, or playing against whales, refers to defeating others online who possess significant funds or power in order to accumulate rewards at a lower cost. Even though this practice may sound like something out of an old Hollywood movie script, it does indeed occur frequently during peak hours with real money games – as evidenced by current market trends.

The most prevalent place you are likely to encounter an instance of whale hunting is during high-stakes betting events such as blackjack and roulette. However, if you have ever played these games with friends, chances are excellent that one of them could conceivably be susceptible to such an exploit-for those who typically open up with small bets and then increase their wager when something goes wrong thus reaching a point where they can amass quite sizable winnings from their opponents’ mistakes! In fact, some people even take advantage of their adversaries’ haste at cutting ties with their account due to fear over being banned as well as issues arising with payment methods – leaving them vulnerable to lucrative victories!

In addition to its appearance within popular games such as League of Legends or Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, the word “whale” has likewise been used in relation to various digital assets and currencies. For example, if you have ever looked up bitcoin price history on CoinMarketCap, you may have discovered instances where it refers to an older unit known as the ‘satoshi’ for example – totaling all past transactions made with a virtual currency such as $BTC. If you would like to find out more about how much USD has been spent on Bitcoin each day so far in 2019 – check out our site here

Are There Other Words/Phrases That Are Popular in Gaming That Aren’t Used in Any Other Context?

The term “whale hunter” is so common, it’s virtually ubiquitous. However, the phrase isn’t used in any other context and is wholly unique to gaming; hence its adoption here as well!

You’ll find phrases like “turn-based strategy”, “top-down shooter”, “first-person dungeon crawler” and even “tabletop RPG” popping up from time to time, but only within the realm of games themselves!


While the symbol ‘whale’ is widely utilized in gaming, it was originally inspired by a real-life phenomenon. The term itself was created by Herman Melville to describe a gigantic fish of the same name that had been beached along the New Zealand coastline; this creature was so enormous that it had to be cut up into multiple pieces before being carted away!

This intriguing etymology offers yet another facet to the popularity of this alluring icon.