Why Is Minecraft So Laggy On My Gaming Computer?

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Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things as the game grew.

It can also be about adventuring with friends or watching the sunrise over a blocky ocean. Your world is your own, and you can choose what you want to make of it.

Because this experience can be very enjoyable – not just in creative mode, where all the blocks are available from the beginning – Minecraft has been enjoyed by more than a 90million players across all platforms since its launch on 17th November 2009 and remains as popular today as it’s ever been.

Why is Minecraft so laggy on my gaming computer?

The GAMEPLAY Minecraft is not an action-packed adrenaline ride. It focuses more on contemplation and building than on fighting or constant challenges. A player normally starts from scratch, with nothing more than a tree and a pickaxe to their name – they must then set out to gather resources to survive: wood can be used for building materials and fires, whilst stone ore can be crafted into tools that will allow you to cut down trees faster, strike at mobs or dig faster through the earth as you explore your world.

As you travel, it’s important to remember the three rules of Minecraft – don’t dig straight down, make sure not to light wet wood on fire, and try not to stray too far from home as your character needs food to avoid starvation. Minecraft becomes a very different experience when night falls upon your map: mobs will spawn and roam freely. Zombies can break through wooden doors and attack unwary players who haven’t slept through the night within their own homes – by morning, they’ll find that everything they owned has been torn apart and scattered across their now-empty house.


This is because of how computationally intensive the game is. Minecraft’s blocky world is not just built from atmospheric fog and pretty landscapes, but hundreds of tiny cubes – each featuring their own textures, colors, physics, and entities tied to them. Everything you see has been rendered in real-time by your computer. From the tiniest blade of grass to the tallest tree, all have been individually ‘drawn’ for you by your graphics card’s processor.

Every player will have a different experience with Minecraft depending on three factors: their processing power, RAM capacity, and internet connection speed – any one of which can cause lag or stuttering when playing Minecraft.

 What makes Minecraft different from other games is that every single element is treated as an individual entity by the game’s engine. For instance, if you were to go fishing on a super-fast connection with only 1GB of RAM, you would be able to play Minecraft on maximum settings whilst simultaneously watching Big Buck Bunny on YouTube without lag.

However, if your computer had 8GB of RAM and struggled for processing power due to constant lag spikes during gameplay, you may find yourself unable to enjoy some of the more detailed textures found in some mods – despite having all mods disabled entirely. This is because even though they’re not in use, the game still treats every single object in your world as an individual entity – this can include chunks of terrain, grass blocks, items, and mobs.

There are a few ways to help reduce lag when playing Minecraft. Firstly, you should update your graphics drivers regularly via GeForce Experience or other software – older versions may cause problems with rendering performance within your game world.

Additionally, changing some of Minecraft’s graphical settings can improve or worsen performance – try lowering render distance if you find yourself dealing with too many block updates during gameplay (this will also allow you to see more detail on distant structures), while raising mc_max_texture_size will require more memory.

Why is Minecraft so laggy all of a sudden?

I turned on my computer one morning and went to play Minecraft. It has been the only game I have ever had on this computer, so it is no surprise that there was a problem with it. But what shocked me when I tried playing Minecraft was that it was laggy! It seems like it’s fine on the title screen, but as soon as I try to move, it starts slowing down.

Why Does Minecraft Lag With Good Computer?

Minecraft is one of the most popular and addicting games out there. Not only is it highly addicting, but it takes a high-end computer to play Minecraft properly. While that may sound shocking at first, if you look into what Minecraft really is, well, then you will understand why your computer has to be good.

Why is Minecraft so laggy on switch?

To make Minecraft run as smoothly as possible, you need a strong computer with 8GB+ RAM and a good graphics card. This can be tough if your parents want you to use as much money as possible for college or if you’re on a budget, but the hardware that Minecraft requires is pretty standard.

We recommend getting an AMD CPU and either an Nvidia GTX 1050ti/1060 or Radeon RX 470 4GB video card if you’re on a budget. This will run Minecraft smoothly with little problems unless you like having 200+ mobs in your world at once (in which case you should put more RAM into your computer).

Why Is Minecraft So Laggy On Windows 10?

Windows 10 has many problems that can cause lag, one of which is the horrible Task Manager. The Task Manager constantly re-adjusts your priority for programs, and this can cause Minecraft to stutter.


Minecraft is one of the most popular and addicting games in the world. With over 100 million registered users and 40 million+ copies sold, Minecraft has taken the popularity charts by storm ever since its official release in beta 1.8.

The game is not very hardware intensive and can easily run on low to medium-end gaming PCs. However, there are some reasons why Minecraft lag or become unplayable for some users while others still get decent performance.

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