Is Your Monitor Driving You Crazy? Learn How to Fix the Power Saving Mode Issue Now!

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If your monitor keeps going into power saving mode mid-work, it could be indicative of an issue. Are you plagued by the same problem? If so, don’t despair – there are numerous fixes available!

What Is Power Saving Mode?

Power Saving mode is a fantastic feature that allows you to reduce power usage on your monitor when not in use. It can be quite an attractive option for those who are concerned about eco-friendly practices and reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Power saving mode adjusts brightness, colors, resolution, and more in order to save energy.

The Benefit of Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode is one of the biggest benefits of switching from a TN panel to an IPS display.

IPS panels are touted for their superior color performance and wide viewing angles, as well as featuring generally lower response times than TN-based models – which can be an advantage when your primary goal is speed. In addition, NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology is available exclusively for these types of displays; this incredible feature allows users to synchronize their on-screen visuals with their graphics card each and every time without the need for any additional workarounds!

But Why Does My Monitor Switching to Power Saving Mode Actually Help My Monitor?

If you have experienced any issues with your monitor, we can guarantee that you are anxious to get them fixed. In the past, many users have been baffled by this issue; they simply couldn’t understand why their monitors were switching into power saving mode!

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to explain why this occurs. However, we can assure you that this process does not harm or compromise any of your hardware components – in fact, it’s a welcomed feature intended to protect against potential malfunctioning electronics.

How to Disable Power Saving Mode on Your Computer

To quickly resolve this issue, all you need is to navigate to your computer’s Settings panel and select Power Management. Then simply toggle ‘Manage power usage’ on/off to enable/disable the feature!

If you have an Apple device, like a Mac or iPhone, then head to System Preferences -> Energy Saver for assistance. Users can also access this setting via Control Panel – > Power Options.

To quickly disable power saving mode on your smartphone, simply swipe down from the top of the display and select ‘power off’. Alternatively – if it is enabled – users may just opt to turn off notifications by selecting them from the available options; they may also elect to switch off auto-lock functionality as well!

However, if you wish to venture forth and utilize the arcane art of manually manipulating management settings within your system BIOS or UEFI firmware, then all is not lost!

How to Enable or Disable Power Saving Mode via Display Settings on a Mac

If you’re encountering issues with your monitor, don’t panic! Enabling or disabling the Power Saving mode can often remedy any issues you might encounter.

Here are simple steps to utilize Display Settings:

  • From the Apple menu (or clicking on the Apple icon in Applications), select System Preferences.
  • Alternatively, use ctrl+alt+p to access it from the menu bar. This will display a window like below; select Displays in order to locate it quickly.

Troubleshooting Power Saving Mode on a Windows PC

If your monitor is exhibiting signs of disarray, don’t despair! With a little patience and diligence you can rectify the issue – and get back to enjoying your time spent in front of the computer screen.

Unplugging your PC or merely leaving it unattended for an hour or so can trigger Power Saving Mode’s onset on Windows-based systems. However, if that does not do the job then there are a few more tried-andless-tried solutions that may help alleviate any issues:

  •  Navigate once more to Control Panel > System and Security > Device Manager. If you fail to locate this option, then it could be because Power Saving mode has already been activated on your system.
  • To remedy this problem it is necessary for you to first deactivate this feature before proceeding with other steps – let’s tackle that now!


If you experience issues with your monitor’s power saving mode activating on its own, this article was created for you!

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