Is Your TV Possessed? Find Out Why It’s Changing Input by Itself!

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Why is the television changing input by itself? Has it gone bonkers? Don’t fret – we’ve detected a troubling increase in odd occurrences from our research!

Have you noticed your TV switching channels without an obvious trigger, or experienced how it has suddenly turned itself off without warning? If so, don’t panic! This can be a sign that something is amiss with the appliance; possibly even an indication that there’s an electrical issue lurking nearby. As such, it’s imperative to seek professional assistance immediately if anything like this persists.

Have you ever witnessed your television turning on or changing inputs seemingly out of nowhere? Although these instances are rare, they may indicate that something within your home is malfunctioning.

Why are televisions changing channels by themselves?

For those who don’t know, your video display is governed by a tuner (TV), which connects to an input in your home’s entertainment system called the TV antenna; this is what provides access to analog channels and broadcast signals.

Unsurprisingly, your display may become overwhelmed when attempting to process all of its data at once. So if we take into account that televisions are comprised of several components including an LCD panel and other sophisticated electronics – such as memory chips and processors – then it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they may not be able to accomplish everything on their own!

Regardless of whether you use a streaming device like Roku or Chromecast with your television set or simply rely on the optical audio jack for audio-only content, without fail, some models can go haywire during power surges or even simple switching on and off.

With so much happening inside any given display – from minor glitches to serious issues like spontaneous channel changes – there could be numerous causes for these erratic behaviors leading to frustration and even anger among viewers.

From a few hiccups to major outages impacting service nationwide, here’s a list of some noteworthy occurrences over the years that have impacted many households’ TV habits:

What to do if your TV keeps changing channels by itself

If you find that your television keeps switching inputs by itself, there may be a simple explanation. The TV has become sentient!

If any aspect of your viewing habits varies drastically from week to week, such as what programs you watch or when they’re on – then it’s possible that this can result in the TV inadvertently shifting channels; making its own decisions, and acting accordingly while within range!

This could indicate an issue with the remote control’s batteries. For instance, if they’re getting depleted too quickly it could trigger the functionality of channel surfing.

Is my TV possessed?

Have you ever experienced a tripping hazard while utilizing a remote control, only to witness the device suddenly snap out of your hand? This can be quite disconcerting! So why is it that some televisions will inexplicably disconnect themselves from their remotes and then attempt to obtain auxiliary signals in lieu of relying on their primary input? These responses may surprise you:

Are you seeking an explanation as to why your television has changed channels on its own? If so, look no further than the numerous speculative theories surrounding this phenomenon.

In recent years, numerous individuals have had their televisions involuntarily switch inputs without any provocation whatsoever. Some of them were even startled when they noticed their set unexpectedly alter channels or commence playing music – yet these events are hardly more noteworthy than how others can experience them!

There are multiple possible explanations for this occurrence:

  • User error versus equipment malfunction;
  • Or even passive activities such as cooking or vacuuming could induce unconscious modifications within the signal provided by your TV set.

Forget the Ouija board: Here’s a better way to communicate with your TV.

To communicate with your outdated television, all you need is a Raspberry Pi! This diminutive computer can be connected to any display and run specialized software packages that allow for remote control functionality.

All thanks to the Internet of Things craze, there are now countless devices out there capable of connecting to online services such as Spotify and Netflix. As a result, these platforms offer a convenient method for controlling your TV – without having to rely on controllers or other physical input devices!

How do I rid my TV of ghosts/poltergeists?

If you’ve happened upon a strange occurrence such as an image popping up on the TV when no input is present or even experiencing a bizarre alteration in audio frequency, don’t be alarmed. This phenomenon is quite common and occurs for a variety of reasons; from switching channels to simply having your remote nearby!

An oft-used strategy to rid yourself of these vexing phenomena is by employing a television’s aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9. If your set does not offer this option, then manually switching between them may help rectify any malfunctions that occur within its operation.


We all experience the occasional malfunction, yet did you know that your TV could be possessed?

As consumers, we are continuously bombarded by advertisements and other stimuli. These may appear harmless, but they can lead to unpredictable behavior in our devices – resulting in unexpected alterations in what they display!

If you find your TV spontaneously changing channels, displaying unusual visuals, or exhibiting other peculiarities, take heed! Do not ignore these signs; instead, contact a knowledgeable technician to determine what might be causing them.