How to Fix the Oculus Quest (Almost) Every Time It Freezes?

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Despite being an early adopter of the Oculus Quest, I am still experiencing issues with the headset freezing up on me.

Recently, my Oculus Quest was exhibiting sporadic freezing episodes – a common occurrence among VR users and developers alike. When it occurred, there were no signs of any malfunctions; I simply found myself unable to access menus or utilize buttons!

After scouring through forums for guidance, discovering that most fixes did not appear to be applicable to my situation, and ultimately discarding all that information as irrelevant – I finally resolved this issue myself…

If you are encountering similar issues with your Oculus Quest headset, then I’m here to assist!

Stop the Oculus Quest From Freezing

To halt your Oculus Quest from freezing up, there are only a few things to consider. First off – assess the severity of the freeze and if it’s severe enough that it could potentially render the headset unusable; if so then don’t risk re-pairing!

Ensure that you have adequate power to operate your Oculus Quest. Ensure that you haven’t been gaming or streaming on Netflix for too long before attempting to turn it on again.

Pro tip: To keep track of your battery life, simply access Settings > Power Save Mode. If you’re observing an unacceptable level of power usage this could be why it’s freezing up!

Make the Oculus Quest More Efficient When Running

If you’re using a PC, there’s an option in the Oculus app that allows you to tweak your PC settings. These modifications could potentially make your system more power efficient and consequently increase the length of time you can utilize the headset before needing to charge it again.

To engage this feature, simply open up the Oculus app on your device and select Configure > Power > PCs on both Macs and PCs.

Enable Superfetch in Windows 10 if Your Oculus Quest Keeps Crashing

If your Oculus Quest is encountering issues and freezing frequently, you may need to take into consideration an alternative approach. Superfetch can be enabled on it for enhanced performance!

Enabling this option configures the system to pre-load apps into RAM rather than disk. This optimizes game loading times, as well as all other apps on your system – thus enhancing overall functionality. However…it also increases memory requirements, which sometimes could lead to serious issues like freezes or even complete device failure! So proceed with caution if you’re eager to give it a shot!

Download a Fix for Runtime Errors on Your Oculus Quest

If you encounter a runtime error on your Quest, there is a quick temporary fix: reinstall the Oculus app.

Reinstalling the Oculus software can resolve many issues with its apps and software libraries. It also resets system requirements and settings meaning every component of your device is reverted back to default – which in turn alleviates some potential problems that could otherwise arise from an incompatible configuration.

Update Your Graphics Driver if It’s the Problem

If the graphics driver is at fault, you can rest assured that it will be rectified sooner or later. If not, we can consider it an investment–it’ll save us from needing to purchase a new graphics card!

If your Oculus Quest troubles persist without any solutions in sight, then updating your graphics driver may just clear up all of your woes.

Change Your Oculus Account Password

If the Oculus Quest is frozen, restarting it might resolve things. But if you continue to encounter issues when attempting to log in – or notice that your password has expired – then it’s advisable to update it. This can be accomplished easily through Facebook; all one requires is clicking on ‘Forgot Password and providing details of their original choice.


Oculus Quest hasn’t been without its share of hiccups, and it’s our job to ensure that you don’t encounter any issues while playing games or watching films on this newly-released headset. If you’re interested in learning how to resolve the most common issues, keep reading!

To fix the most common issues plaguing your Oculus Quest, the first step is to uninstall the app that’s causing trouble. For example, if you’re having problems with Facebook Messenger on Oculus Go or Gear VR, simply delete it within its app settings. After that, reboot your device once or twice before launching any new software applications or updates.

If your Oculus Quest is freezing up after a while of use, take a look at these solutions for a quick fix!