Unlock the Secret to Fixing eGPU Crashing and Freezing in Minutes!

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Recently, I’ve been confronted with a peculiar problem – eGPU crashing and freezing. It’s a severe setback for productivity!

My MacBook Pro was on a roll, becoming more than just a portable gaming rig – it could be used for professional tasks such as video editing. However, without fail… every five minutes or so an eGPU would inexplicably crash or freeze up rendering it unusable as any kind of workstation.

It happened repeatedly; each time leaving me scrambling to reboot my Mac while simultaneously struggling to wrangle the issue. After several attempts at rectifying the issue myself – which invariably failed miserably – I finally gave up in despair and sought assistance from Apple Support. They were unable to offer any solutions that did not require lengthy repairs under AppleCare+ coverage or necessitate separate purchases of parts – all while still being left high and dry with no solution in sight!

What is an eGPU?

EGPU stands for the external graphics processor. Essentially an external GPU provides users with an additional graphical processing unit, which is a powerful add-on that can assist in accelerating the pixel rate experienced by the laptop’s display and boost the overall performance of the system.

For those who have yet to try out an eGPU – or simply haven’t yet adopted this technology into their systems – it’s a novel approach toward utilizing your computer’s advanced components.

The primary benefit of using an eGPU over traditional discrete graphics cards is that it offers greater flexibility and can be utilized alongside any system whether it be on desktops or laptops.

Before You Buy an eGPU

Before you invest in an eGPU adapter, it’s essential that your primary system meets certain requirements.

Hardware-wise, your Mac should be running macOS High Sierra or greater with an upcoming macOS update; at the moment you’ll need macOS 10.13.4 or greater to take advantage of Intel Thunderbolt 3 (Intel Optane memory module required for optimal performance – see below for more details). Additionally, a single eGFX card must be onboard for this setup to function optimally!

On the software side, Geforce Experience drivers must be installed on both your primary and secondary platforms – even if they’re from third-party manufacturers like EVGA or Gigabyte Gaming series; and in order to take advantage of an eGPU setup one GPU needs to be installed on each machine so as not to cause any complications during operation.

The only potential hiccup here is ensuring that your primary system meets these requirements before making the switch – after all, no previous experience with an eGPU adapter is required whatsoever!

Know What You’re Getting Into

Despite the allure of plug-and-play, there is much to consider before setting out on your journey. EGPUs can be costly or require additional hardware or software configurations, so it pays to fully comprehend what’s in store and what you’re getting into before committing.

For example: Are you upgrading a GPU? What kind of chipset is in use and how compatible is it with an external video card? What’s the maximum number of displays supported by the platform? Are any other peripherals being utilized alongside this rig? What are potential compatibility issues that may arise from using a component such as this? Be sure to consult with a vendor like GIGABYTE if you intend to introduce eGPU support into your current system!

Don’t Ignore the Problem and Keep Shipping Your Computer to Nvidia for Repair

In the event of an eGPU issue, one must approach the situation judiciously. If you do not possess the requisite knowledge or resources to rectify the problem on your own, then it’s better to seek assistance from a technician who can diagnose and resolve issues with more accuracy – before sending out hardware to Nvidia for repair.

Nvidia is undoubtedly well-versed in its field, offering customers the option of having GPUs replaced or repaired under warranty. However, this does not guarantee that any subsequent issues will be addressed if they arise after the initial service!

The Solution: eGPU Box by OWC

If you’re experiencing an issue with your eGPU connectivity, such as a system freeze after five minutes of use – then this can be remedied by acquiring the eGPU Box from OWC!

The Box is designed specifically for Apple hardware, so it’s capable of providing reliable power to all available options – laptops and desktops alike. This convenient device allows users to connect multiple displays even while operating on a single Mac or PC; in addition, it can also provide Gigabit Ethernet ports which enable 2-way streaming between devices while maintaining fast transfer speeds.

As a first step, you can simply plug in your eGPU enclosure and insert one of its ports into the corresponding slot. Next up is selecting between either Thunderbolt 3 (USB Type-C) or DisplayPort options; this decision will depend upon whether Assert-Connectivity is enabled on their system. Lastly, there are buttons labeled ‘Yes’ and ‘Auto’ that offer quick access for users who want to expedite completing auto mode setup quickly.

Can You Hack Your Computer to Run with a Single GPU?

Just as you could conceivably utilize a single GPU for your system, so too can someone. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that any single GPU configuration would yield optimal performance – it should instead be considered more of a cost-effective solution for everyday computing!

If you are experiencing FPS drops or multi-monitor freezing on your Mac when connected to an eGPU, then chances are there is some stray software interfering with the process. To rectify this issue, simply make sure to remove any third-party monitor drivers and applications which may be affecting performance.


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