How to Use Your Tablet as a Monitor for Your Small Appliances?

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Are you familiar with the adage, ‘Use your tablet as a monitor’? It is an oft-quoted maxim that bears credence; indeed, it is quite aptly put!

Indeed, when I was younger, I had a habit of bringing my laptop to bed and sprawling across the mattress. This led to me inadvertently straddling it – which in turn made me fall onto its base!

I learned my lesson, and today I use my tablet as a convenient way to view my small appliances – without having to get up from our bed!

Set Up Your Monitor as a Remote Control

One of the most common uses for tablets is to just consume content, from movies and TV shows to games. However – like any powerful device – there are countless ways you can employ it beyond simply consuming entertainment!

For example, why not use your tablet as a remote control? Introduce your iPad or Android phone into the equation and experience something truly novel: seamlessly browsing through channels and controlling your television without ever setting foot in front of it!

Create an Interactive Timer for Your Appliances

With a simple timer app installed on your tablet, you can monitor the duration of any given task or activity. This is ideal for assisting with cooking and other tasks around the house!

If you want to get creative with your timers, try using an animated timer that provides feedback based on elapsed time. This can be accomplished through a variety of different apps available today – let your imagination run wild!

With such an abundance of useful kitchen timers readily available, it’s easy to create an interactive timer for your appliances. Simply select your desired appliance from the app and start timing; when you’re finished, simply click on the check-mark icon located in the lower-left corner so as not to forget about any leftovers!

Use the Infrared Remote for Your Tablet Monitor

If you possess a tablet computer, it is possible to utilize the remote control function to view content on another device. For instance, if you are watching TV but desire to check your e-mail instead – all without having to alter stations or input numbers! Just locate the appropriate app on your touchscreen and click away until relieved!

Using an iPad as a monitor for your small appliances can be quite convenient. However, it’s not always possible to locate the appropriate app that facilitates this task when one has only limited time available. To remedy this issue, we turned to our trusty IR remote; simply point it toward whatever you wish to watch and press ‘play’ – instant access!

Touchscreen versatility! With an iPad mini 4 or Air 2 in tow, you can use it in either portrait mode or landscape mode for maximum convenience when multitasking between two apps at once.

Use Your Tablet Monitor as a Thermostat

Investing in a portable tablet may not be a good financial decision – but it could prove to be quite beneficial when it comes to monitoring your home’s temperature remotely.

If you’re unaccustomed to the idea of keeping tabs on your home’s temperature, consider employing a device such as an iPad or Android-based tablet to assist in this endeavor. Enable the Screen Mirroring option on both devices and then simply connect them via Wi-Fi! It couldn’t get any simpler than that!

Use Your Tableau as an Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

Are you often perplexed by the weather conditions when you venture outside? Have you ever experienced inclement weather, only to discover that it was not as severe as predicted; an event which can create apprehension for anyone?

Don’t fret about having to take temperature readings with your tablet: It is capable of providing an accurate indication of both indoor and outdoor temperature. To utilize this tool effectively, simply follow these simple steps:

  • First, access the ‘Live Thermometer’ app in your tablet’s accompanying toolbar.
  • Note its current reading before proceeding.
  • If any adjustments are required then don’t forget to make them!

Connect Your Tablet monitor to Your Water Heater

While the heating element within your water heater is an essential component, it can be daunting to decipher exactly how it works when you have no prior experience.

To keep things simple, simply hook up your tablet monitor (like an Amazon Fire HD) and you’ll be able to effortlessly understand how everything functions in real-time with its sophisticated convection system; or, if one of those LED screens does appeal more than all – it’s possible for users to adapt such a screen into place for optimum convenience!

Make Your Own Robot with Your Small Appliances

Are you looking for a cool, no-fuss DIY project? Then consider making your own robot! Robot creation can be as simple or complex as you’d like it to be.

To create a charming and fun little bot that can even be controlled remotely by an iPad app, all you require is:

  • 3D printers,
  • tape measures,
  • and Google Sketchup are the essential tools of this craft!


With the emergence of the iPad Pro and its larger screen, it is now possible to use your tablet as an effective monitor for your small appliances. Utilize its bigger size for a more immersive experience!

With the addition of a monitor, you can maximize home networking as well as provide various other benefits.