How to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Sending Videos (And Other Tips)

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If you have been perplexed by Facebook Messenger not sending videos, then you are not alone.

Are you frustrated with the app being unable to send out videos within its confines? Don’t fret – there’s a solution!

Despite the messaging app’s capabilities, it can be tricky when it comes to sharing media such as GIFs, videos, and audio. Why is that?

It all boils down to Facebook Messenger’s peculiarities. On one hand, this functionality is unparalleled; however, on the other side, it can prove inconvenient if you’re looking for an easy way to share content from other apps like WhatsApp or Snapchat.

So don’t be too hasty in labeling this feature as one lacking when it comes to fulfilling your needs; rather consider it as a unique aspect of the platform which should be taken advantage of before investing any time into using third-party applications for messaging purposes!

Troubleshooting Problems With Facebook Messenger Video Plays

If you’re finding it difficult to send videos to Facebook, there could be a few potential solutions:

Ensure that the video file meets its requirements. For instance, it should not exceed 5 minutes in length in order for the content to be properly processed; additionally – make sure this doesn’t exceed any limits set by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Create an account with your ISP and check its restrictions. If they do not restrict video streaming, then simply upload the video to Facebook Messenger. Unless prohibited by any law or regulation, you are under no obligation to abide by their rules!

Common Problems With Facebook Messenger Video Plays

If you’re perplexed about why some video links may not initiate playback on Facebook Messenger, consider the following:

  • It’s possible that your media is hosted on a third-party domain or linked from an app outside of Facebook. This is likely to be the cause of your video link failing to play in my messenger.
  • Make sure that the ‘Send Video’ button under the video preview is clicked only when sending to one person – this ensures that it will only display personalized content. After all, these links should be sent directly between friends; leave out any third parties!

How to Slow Down a Slowing Slower Video Play

If the vast majority of your media is being sent via Messenger, then it’s possible that the video clip duration may be shorter than usual. In this instance, however; you can simply slow down playback speed to ensure it lasts longer before ending!

To expedite things, simply drag the video playback slider located in the top-left corner of your chat window.

Fix: Can’t Send Facebook Messenger Videos

If your videos aren’t sending successfully, then there’s a chance that it could be due to various reasons.

For example, they may not fit in the required size restrictions (e.g. if they exceed 1 minute), or you haven’t yet identified a suitable app for sending videos via Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Links Don’t Open in Mobile Apps

The syncing utility that enables users to share websites, videos, and other content in Facebook Messenger doesn’t apply to links. If you send a link over the app, it will remain unclickable until the recipient picks up the phone and opens it – there is no indication of its accessibility within the app itself.

To be sure your message gets delivered, verify that you have provided all relevant information and links before sending.

Video From Twitter or Instagram May Not Play on Facebook Messenger

If posting a video on Instagram or Twitter and sending it to your Facebook page, then you may find that the video fails to play within Facebook Messenger. This is unfortunate because it limits what people can see when they engage in conversation with you – which can be quite limiting if not remedied!

However, don’t despair; we have an expert-approved guide below on how to fix this issue and get your videos working properly again.


Facebook’s Messenger app has come a long way, and with the launch of video calling in April 2018, it’s poised to become a major communication platform.

Facebook introduced its new standalone camera app at I/O 2018, making it possible to take photos and videos directly within the Facebook app. This opens up possibilities for creators who want to incorporate visual content into their Facebook posts or Instagram Stories – without leaving the app.

But if you’re looking for more advanced options for video chat on Facebook, such as Facebook’s standalone video chatting app, or Facebook Messenger’s integration with Skype, you’ll want to check out these offerings.