5 Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify Of 2023

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I have Pic the top Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify that you can use as DJ. Djing is a very hot topic these days, we don’t need to say but it’s a reality. It has become a hot topic not only in the music industry but across all media industries and entertainment industries as well.

It will not be wrong to say that DJs are the rising stars across smaller venues as well as on the world stage. We can see that opportunities and facilities are increasing rapidly in this field and so are the technological tools and equipment available to them, including some of the Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify that we are going to discuss in detail below.

Following are the Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify:

1. Serato DJ Lite

Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify Serato DJ Lite

Serato DJ Lite is a newly released software and it is totally free. This new software can be used with almost any controller, which is amazing ad wonderful. If it’s tested that what are arguably the current leaders in DJ software, Serato DJ Lite (obviously..!), we can say that, is top notch in pretty much every aspect.

We can use this amazing software with or without hardware, it means that you can test mixes without even connecting a controller or decks. It will be right to say that, Serato DJ Lite is a great new addition that brings Serato’s offline mode level with RekordBox and Traktor, who always offered us the ability to run this software perfectly and properly even without hardware.

There are 4 decks in Serato, a versatile mixer, awesome waveforms, and also an industry-leading browser, it contains all this. In addition, this DJ Software has sample players, FX – the lot really!

In addition to this newly released software, we are sharing this information that the areas its lacking, include key-mixing and pitch-shifting, inability to use video mixing or other Serato add-ons like Slip, limited UI customizability, limited loop functionality.

It is quite a long list that’s why we cannot mention the complete list but the most important thing is that the core elements are present and unlimited in this software. But not everyone needs these extra features, it’s not necessary for everyone.


  • It uses Serato’s pro engine and core features, it’s amazing
  • It has 4 decks, a full mixer, FX, and samples
  • It shows Bulletproof stability
  • It’s totally free for any controller


  • On the other hand, this software also lacks many advanced features that you may or may not need

2. Mixxx

Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify

Mixxx is freemium software with a combination of power with some cool little or mini features and this becomes it different from the other mainstream DJ software. We can use it easily on Mac, Linux, or Windows.  This Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify basically incorporates all the ‘top’ extras which the Big 3 flag and advertise all the time clearly.

In this Software, you can easily access RGB waveforms, four decks, FX, and sample decks. Even you can access harmonic detection, which works very well.

This software is well-optimized for laptop DJing and maybe it is a key advantage of this software.

 So there is no need for any equipment to start spinning your favorite tracks or song. We can freely say that this software is backed up by a large community of extremely helpful users and developers for us.  Is a big advantage of this software that it supports connection to many controllers with plenty of pre-made mappings and can even be mapped for use with time code vinyls.

The interface of this software is pretty heavy but some may enjoy this.


  • It’s totally free to use
  • It has the Very solid feature set
  • It is very stable
  • We can say that it is Backed up by a good community


  • As its disadvantage, it can be said that its Interface is rather clunky.

3. Virtual DJ Home

Virtual DJ Home Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify

About Virtual DJ Home, we can say that it has a place in the heart of many, it’s been here for us since the start. And also that it’ll keep pitching its veteran-level feature set against the big guns. Now, this very amazing software named, Virtual DJ has moved into the standalone software-only area of the DJ software industry – the design of this software for use is without a controller.

But don’t worry you can still easily map its full version to controllers, though, this may be allowing you to create super-budget setups easily, but keep in mind this is not available with the free Virtual DJ Home Edition.

More about the Virtual DJ is that it has some quirks, for example, it allows us for 99 decks…yep, 99! You can easily load 99 tunes up to different points and can also cycle between them. It is this kind of software that is actually extremely useful for DJing at functions like wedding functions or different parties.

In addition, You can also incorporate video mixing into your sets, even in the free version of this software.

Other features of this helpful Software are really well developed, for example, through this software you have a top-notch browser, audio editors, FX, recording facilities, etc. You can also even connect this to services, like streaming services such as Deezer (not Spotify, though).

We can say that It’s really a great piece of software and even though it’s been around for almost 15 years for use for all, it still enjoys a large share of die-hard users or its admirers that harness its extra features to awesome and amazing effect.


  • It’s completely timeless.
  • Its 99 decks are useful in actual
  • We can connect it easily to streaming services –it’s perfect for playing requests
  • This software is stable, well-made and feature-packed


  • As it disadvantages we can say that its home edition doesn’t allow for connection to hardware

4. MixVibes Cross DJ

MixVibes Cross DJ Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify

Some leading developers created MixVibes Cross DJ Software and earnt glowing reviews of this software across DJ mag and many other leading DJ publications and reviews on a number of sites. If we ask about its design, so it’s designed primarily for sync laptop DJing and because of this, this Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify comes with advanced sync algorithms.

We can say that this Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify is perfect for a hands-off approach to mixing at different functions like birthdays, weddings, and other functions when you need to keep away from the decks for a certain period of time. This Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify is no one-trick-pony because this software can be easily used with hardware.

When we talked about its features, then it includes in this terms of features, MixVibes Cross DJ has two decks, multi-band EQs and mixer, tons of effects, and an innovative sampler. In addition in this software, a quality browser makes tune selection and mix composition, and it’s very easy.

Overall, we can say that this good software, MixVibes Cross DJ offers a very similar package, especially to pro-level software. This software also supports advanced level recording with a master limiter, multi-controller support, and advanced in-key mixing. In this sense, Video DJ mode and bundled video effects top it all off!


  • This software is fresh and innovative
  • The free version of this software is unlimited
  • It is designed by those from RekordBox
  • This DJ software Comes with tutorials for learning DJs


  • This is quality software but still keep in mind, that it’s power hungry so make sure that your laptop is up to the task.

5. UltraMixer

UltraMixer Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify

When we talk about Ultramixer DJ Software we say that it is a class piece of innovative DJ software. There are tons of excellent features in this software that really set this software aside from the other conventional software. The free edition of UltraMixer is generous and it packs most of the features that you’ll need for mixing.

Ultramixer Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify is designed for functions DJs, in real. So in this regard, we can say if you want regularly play long gigs that last several hours at events then Ultramixer will prove well worth a try. It can be said that It’s basically the one-man-band of DJ software, combining light-show control editing with video DJing, a function like “ live text” or an announcement type function, etc.

The interface of this Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify is highly customizable and it looks so great, even it has a 16-channel sampler, also has a 31-band EQ for dialing room settings, and hot-cues, and also contains a highly intelligent auto-mix module.

But it is not wrong to say that this software is complex and if you need this software, you’ll know! It packs tons of the features severely or largely lowing or lacking in conventional DJ software and does a cheap price for

It’s full versions.


  • This software has a host of bespoke solutions for DJs of parties and different functions
  • This good software is robust and fully-featured
  • It can be said it is supported by a large community
  • This Dj software is very powerful in real


  • We can say as the disadvantage of this software that a bit of a steep learning curve

Can you DJ with Spotify?

It is sad to say that, not anymore Spotify has officially announced to revoke the support for including all the 3rd party DJ apps and also DJ software back. So, we can see, that this means that you are not able to connect your Spotify account with any DJ app on the Play Store, Apple Store, or any kind of other DJ software.

Can you use Spotify on djay Pro for Mac?

In this case, we will just say that, unfortunately, the following two giant music streaming platforms such as:
– Spotify
– Apple Music is not integrated with djay Pro, so, we can understand that we are not able to directly play songs through these.

Can you use Virtual DJ with Spotify?

Firstly I will clear that Virtual DJ is not licensed to stream music from Spotify. That’s why you cannot use Spotify straight or directly to Virtual DJ for mixing and remixing songs. Also, it can be said that even you cannot use those offline Spotify songs with Virtual DJ.

Does DDJ-200 work with Spotify, it’s right?

As we all know that Pioneer’s DDJ-200 is a ‘smart’ beginner’s DJ controller that allows you to mix with Beatport, Spotify, and all the other streaming services.

Why did Spotify stop supporting the DJ apps?

Why Spotify is pulling its support for DJ apps? It’s a very trending question– It’s not entirely clear why it stops supporting. It may be because of the licensing issues – technically, we can observe that if you actually DJed using Spotify in public places or in public, all the terms and conditions of a personal Spotify account would not cover that in actuality.


To conclude we can say that DJing has now entered a digital age of life. At this time we don’t have only just the Big 3 of DJ software such as Traktor, Serato, and RekordBox, but we also have a host of other software platforms nowadays. 

We know that it’s hard to separate amazing and awesome free pieces of Best Free DJ Software For Mac Spotify. At a glance, we can clear that many will simply opt for the big brand like Serato and also their free DJ Lite software.

This is amazing and awesome but some people may quickly get frustrated with it because of its lacking features.  

We will suggest you that must give some of this other software a chance or some of your time, you just might find one from these that you love. Now a number of DJs are branching out to explore new platforms for us, and we must see that hence why some of these platforms have received great reviews, especially in DJ Mag. They’re finally getting the full or great coverage that they deserve. We suggest you try all the above because there’s no real harm in trying them out as all these are free.

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