Does PS5 Support Bluetooth Headphones?

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If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering if the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 will support Bluetooth headphones. I’ve been using my wireless headphones with my PS4 for a while now and I’m not ready to go back to wired ones. So, I did some digging to see if there was any news about PS5’s Bluetooth capabilities. Here’s what I found.

The PlayStation 5 just might have Bluetooth capabilities, thanks to an FCC approval in June 2019. There are no details about the specs of the controller that was approved for Bluetooth use or if it will be available on launch or added later. However, this does mean there is at least a chance you’ll be able to pair Bluetooth headphones with your PS5.

Keep in mind that the PlayStation 4 didn’t have Bluetooth built-in, so this would be a new addition to the platform.

One important point to consider is that only the controller was approved for Bluetooth use; it is not known if Sony will extend its use to other accessories like headsets or speakers. Another possibility is that the PS5 will support USB Bluetooth dongles, like the one I use with my PS4.

I’ll be sure to update you all if I find any more details about Sony’s plans for the PlayStation 5 and its Bluetooth capabilities.

How do you connect a Bluetooth headset to the PlayStation 5?

The PlayStation 5 may be connected to a headset in a variety of ways. The headset can be linked using the 3.5mm audio jack on the controller, for one method. You may connect your gaming headset to the PS5 console in five distinct ways. We’ll go through them one by one below.

  1. With the 3.5mm audio jack on the controller.
  2. Via a USB-A port on the console.
  3. Wirelessly with a dongle.
  4. Wirelessly via Bluetooth with an adapter.
  5. With a USB-A to optical input converter.

3.5mm audio jack on the controller

Sony has been criticized for not including a 3.5mm audio jack on the controller, so to get around this problem you need to purchase a wireless headset. This may sound like a cheap fix, but this approach comes with its own set of problems; one being that you will be restricted to Bluetooth headphones.

Via a USB-A port on the console

The PS5 will reportedly use the same wireless technology as the PS4 and Xbox One S/X, which would be Bluetooth. It wouldn’t make sense for the PS5 to not support Bluetooth headphones and headsets, so we can expect it to be compatible with some or all of them.

Wirelessly with a dongle

Using a Bluetooth dongle is an inexpensive way to make your headphones compatible with the PS5. You may even be able to use this method with wired headphones, through the 3.5mm audio jack on the controller, by plugging in the dongle into the USB-A port on your console or into one of its USB ports.

Wirelessly via Bluetooth with an adapter

This is another inexpensive way to connect headphones or a headset that may be incompatible with the PS5. You attach this Bluetooth adaptor to the 3.5mm jack on your controller and then pair it wirelessly to your headphone, after which you should be good to go. The quality of sound shouldn’t be affected by this method and it is an easy way to connect your headphones.

With a USB-A to optical input converter

An alternative option would be to use a dongle that comes with an auxiliary 3.5mm audio jack, which you can then plug into the PS5 console or controller. This may sound like a complicated way to connect your headphones, but it is the only option if you want to use an optical input with your wired headphones.

How do you charge a wireless headset on PlayStation 5?

The PlayStation 5 is set to launch next year and rumors about what features it will have are starting to circulate. One way in which Sony may choose to improve the PlayStation 5 over the PS4 is by allowing you to charge wireless headsets through USB-C.

This could mean that it will be possible to connect your PlayStation VR headset via USB-C, or any compatible headphones, and then use them while they are being charged. It would be a useful feature because the current charging cable for the PlayStation VR headset is terrible and it’s easy to damage.

There are bound to be more rumors about what features the PS5 will come with, but at least we know you will be able to connect your headphones via Bluetooth, USB-A, or 3.5mm jack for this console.

How Is The Wireless Connectivity Of PS5?

The wireless connectivity of the PS5 is certainly one aspect that has plenty of people guessing. When we say wireless connectivity, we mean both Bluetooth and wifi capabilities. Many gamers have been wondering if the PS5 will support Bluetooth headphones as the PS4 does. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that the PS5 will most likely support wifi. Sony has been utilizing it for a long time and they aren’t going to switch and decide to go back to wired connectivity (with exception of the ps3 slim model).

Will The PS5 Support Bluetooth Headphones?

Currently, there are no statements from Sony saying whether or not Bluetooth connectivity will be available for the PS5. This doesn’t mean that it won’t, but rather that Sony hasn’t announced anything either way. It is mainly because of this reason that some people are skeptical about how good of a Bluetooth setup the ps5 could have. For instance, one gamer said “I’m not really sure how they are going to make the ps5 Bluetooth headphones wireless connection any better than it already is on the ps4.

Will The PS5 Have A Headphone Jack?

Yes, the Playstation 5 will most likely include a headphone jack for use with audio devices such as headphones or speakers. Sony has used this feature consistently in their consoles and it isn’t something that they are going to want to do without in their next model. Some gamers have commented saying “I can already hear the upgraders crying out for a headphone jack so they can use their current headsets, speakers, and other audio gear.” On another note, there also will be high-definition audio output through HDMI 2.1(no official statement yet).


The bottom line is that there’s no official word on PS5 Bluetooth capabilities. However, it seems likely that if the console supports wireless controllers, then it will also support wireless headphones. If you’re like me and can’t bear to go back to wired headphones for your gaming sessions, keep an eye out for news about this! You can always connect your existing pair of Bluetooth-enabled earbuds or headphones with a 3.5mm audio cable adapter in order to use them with the PlayStation 5 when it launches later this year!

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