Say Goodbye to Frustrating VR Glitches: Learn How to Fix Oculus Quest Losing Tracking!

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Despite the fact that Oculus Quest is not a true virtual reality experience, it still boasts some of the same limitations as previous headsets.

Recently, I was experiencing an issue with my Oculus Quest. The headset had become unresponsive and failed to track movements accurately. As if this wasn’t frustrating enough already, the problem took over an hour for me to identify and resolve! So let’s get started…

1. What Does It Mean When My Oculus Quest Loses Tracking?

If you find that your headset is unable to detect where Oculus Quest is in relation to its surroundings, it could be due to one of the following potential scenarios:

  • Ensure your personal computer and virtual reality headset are connected and operating properly.
  • If connectivity issues persist, restarting both devices may solve the problem. If not, then consider updating drivers and game software if possible. (for more on how to fix Mac gaming lag issues, see below!)
  • If you detect any latency when tracking, try removing or adding objects from your play area; this will help alleviate any issues brought about by extra features such as haptic feedback or volumetric audio. On occasion, this measure can also be employed in cases where disallowing users to relocate an object within view could potentially result in improved tracking performance – even so, don’t underestimate its significance!

2. How Do I Tell If My Oculus Quest Is Actually Losing Tracking?

If your Oculus Quest is exhibiting a problematic behavior of losing tracking or dropping out, here are some potential solutions:

  • Ensure that the device is connected to a power outlet. If it isn’t able to establish a connection with the system, there may be an issue with its USB port or even with the device’s battery power! Peruse down below for more info regarding this crucial step.

3. What Do I Do If I Suspect That My Oculus Quest Is Losing Tracking?

If you are experiencing any issues with your headset’s tracking, don’t panic! You can rectify the situation in a jiffy.

If your system is functioning properly and yet it still fails to keep track of your surroundings, don’t be concerned – just follow these steps and resolve the issue:

  • Ensure that you have your Oculus Quest fitted snugly onto your face.

4. How Do I Fix VR Glitches Caused by Lost Tracking?

If you can’t locate the source of your headset’s tracking issues, don’t despair! There are a number of tricks that can be employed to help remedy these situations.

To ascertain if your headset lost its connection with your device and has become detached, simply utilize the two-step process as follows:

  •  Remove both devices from their respective charging stations;
  • then ( place them back in for reconnection.

If all else fails, our expert-approved solution is to employ one or more of the following remedies until you achieve success: disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord; unplugging and replugging it into its port; and even removing one cable at a time in an effort to discover which one may be faulty – before replacing them all at once again.

5. Make Your VR More Feel like With SteamVR Inhibiting Solutions!

If you’ve been dealing with immense frustration while attempting to utilize the Oculus Quest, then don’t despair! SteamVR Inhibiting Solutions is a tried-and-true method for remedying this issue.

SteamVR Inhibiting Solutions can be employed to block or restrict some of the most problematic VR activities and apps. In addition, they can also be utilized to give your headset an extra boost by preventing it from becoming unresponsive during those times when it becomes sluggish.


If you find that your Oculus Quest headset is losing track, it’s time to call it a halt!

The unfortunate reality is that this can be a frequent occurrence. It could be related to a loose cable or even an unsightly scratch on the lenses of your headset; whatever the case may be, there’s no need for frustration!

Our team at Destined Ventures is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service and ensuring that our users’ experiences with our app are always positive. So if you come across any issues with your device – don’t hesitate to contact us!

It’s our goal to provide an intuitive, hassle-free experience, so let us know how we can improve.