Choosing the Right RAM for Your Gaming and Streaming Builds

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For those who frequent our blog, you are undoubtedly aware that the realm of RAM is vast – from gaming rigs to media centers and streamers alike. The sheer number of options available can be bewildering if you’re just starting out; so how did we come up with a definitive answer for which RAM should be chosen most often? Let’s take a look!

How Do I Know Which RAM to Choose?

If you’re a savvy gamer or streamer, chances are you’ve opted to select an Intel or AMD platform. The number of different options can be dizzying; however, when it comes to RAM, most builds will include either four or eight GB as a standard configuration.

Fortunately, there is a plethora of RAM configurations available – single-channel and dual-channel kits are the norm these days. Not only does this provide ample space for expansion; but it also allows for greater levels of performance potential should one decide they need more than what was initially installed!

How Fast Do I Need the RAM to Be?

Usually, the faster the RAM becomes an irrelevant factor in selecting your system – since it is often prioritized over CPU and GPU power. With some high-end builds providing up to 2TB of storage space or more, users may opt for an extensive array of options such as SSDs or even a hybrid configuration like combining both; with RAM considerations left out of the equation!

For gamers that are seeking to breathe new life into their old rig, upgrading the RAM can be a pragmatic move towards reinvigorating your rig. If you have been utilizing subpar RAM that is clocking below 1,333MHz or if you’re looking to create a powerful rig from scratch, then you may want to consider upgrading to higher speeds than what is currently installed within your current build.

You can purchase just about any type of RAM currently available on the market. Whether buying it for gaming purposes or for general applications as well, fulfilling your needs does not come at a bigger price tag than purchasing an equivalent amount from another brand.

What is the Most Efficient Way to Upgrade My RAM?

The most efficient way to upgrade your system RAM is to purchase a matched pair, which will provide you with maximum performance level in one go at an attractive price point.

If you’re upgrading from say 4GB to 8 GB, adding more of the same won’t improve the overall experience and may even reduce its overall performance. This can be rectified by utilizing two 4GB modules, giving you an effective speed boost of 2x compared with using just one type of RAM; however, the impact on system responsiveness could still be felt.

To maximize the potential of your budget-friendly set of memory chips, we recommend investing in either DDR4-2133 or DDR4-3200 – this should provide adequate bandwidth for any workload! If you choose to add more high-speed DIMMs, it is advisable that they be placed close together for optimal performance.

Should I Buy Higher-speed RAM or Upgrade My Motherboard ASAP?

Buying faster ram speeds has become a relatively standard practice in recent years, as RAM prices have dropped and speeds increased. The median average speed of your system’s RAM is only enough to grant some level of responsiveness when gaming; however, can be upgraded with relative ease.

If you are in need of upgrading, it may be prudent to research the best motherboard for your current configuration. This will ensure that you obtain the best maximum amount of ram speed possible for your budget.

Can I Run Both Current and Previous RAM Slots at the Same Time?

If your current RAM slots are occupied, they cannot be utilized simultaneously. In truth, switching between them without utilizing a new module will only yield diminishing returns as the system’s performance level decreases while doing so.

The good news is that BOOST-enabled RAM alleviates this limitation – enabling you to run both current and previous RAM slots at the same time. This may not provide optimal performance; however if you utilize it sparingly in situations where multiple cores are being utilized concurrently, then it could prove fruitful.

Do I Need an Upgrade Right Now?

For the most part, each doubling of RAM will result in approximately a 1.8X increase in performance. However, such an upgrade may not be necessary right now; if you exclusively stream game titles that don’t require much memory at all then upgrading could prove beneficial later on.

With modern gaming and streaming apps requiring more and more bandwidth (among other things), it can become problematic when users’ connection speeds fall short. The more CPU cores you have working in tandem with additional RAM can offer some assistance in improving streaming performances – particularly for those struggling with lag!

Choose the Best Upgrade Time for You

Upgrading your PC can be fun and exciting. But, it could also be expensive! If you’re eager to upgrade, but aren’t sure what size RAM should be used for your system, then don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered!

If you’re looking for a quick upgrade, consider upgrading your processor first. This step can save you up to 50% on costs while increasing the gaming performance of your rig by more than 20%. Don’t forget that RAM is an inexpensive option that can help accelerate the speed of your system without breaking the bank!

Let’s talk about upgrading components in more detail:


With the plethora of RAM configurations available, it can be daunting to select the ideal module for your build. To ensure optimal performance, always prioritize speed when choosing RAM for gaming and streaming purposes! These modules boast unrivaled data transfer rates – ensuring responsive gameplay and smooth video streaming.