Ultimate Solution to Fix Laptop Keeps Locking Issues Once and for All!

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Have you ever encountered a laptop that would not unlock without the proper password? This can be a source of frustration, especially when you require immediate access.

With laptops becoming more and more essential in our everyday lives, it is crucial for organizations to provide their personnel with reliable computing devices.

When your device goes astray, don’t fret – we have the answer! In this essay, I will explore how to rectify locking issues and offer some helpful pointers on resolving them once and for all.

1. Check for software and hardware issues

If your laptop frequently locks up, there may be some software or hardware issues that are preventing the device from performing adequately.

Software errors can manifest in erratic behavior, data loss and even led to system crashes. Don’t let an error in one of these components cause problems – get them checked out as soon as possible!

If your computer is sluggish or refuses to boot up altogether, you could have a hardware issue. For instance, if your hard drive doesn’t appear to work or freezes over time–you might want to consult with an expert marooned on the net for assistance.

2. Reset the laptop password

I Discovered this option in the event I was unable to successfully unlock my laptop’s screen. You see, you can reset the password if it has been forgotten; rendering access all over again possible!

To access this setting, locate the “Turn off”, “Lock” or “Set Password” button on your device; then click on it and select “Change”. Select an appropriate password that will be memorable yet secure enough to thwart any attempts at guessing it.

3. Remove and replace the battery

If you’ve tried all the other options, it’s time to consider replacing your battery. To do so, simply remove it from the laptops and unplugging the AC adapter before removing any screws located on the backside of the device.

Don’t fret if you’re unaware of how to appropriately remove and replace a battery – we offer step-by-step instructions right here, along with a visual walkthrough video!

4. Try removing external devices

If your laptop is locking up and becoming temporarily inoperable, one potential culprit could be a peripheral device. Are you using an external keyboard? Plugging in an additional drive or just connecting it to another port could all cause locking issues!

Check to see if any of your devices are jolting your system out of sync by plugging them back into their respective ports and turning them off again. You may have to reboot your computer repeatedly until everything is stable – just don’t forget to remove the offending hardware before each restarting process!

5. Check for loose cables

If your laptop’s charging cable appears to be in good condition, but it still won’t turn on – don’t despair! What you may need to do is check for loose connectors at the end of the cord. If a stray piece of metal or plastic has got lodged in there, it could be preventing a proper connection between the charger and the outlet; if this is the case then simply slotting it back into place should do the trick!

If you’re encountering issues with power, plugging in another device (such as an external monitor to troubleshoot) can be quite illuminating.

6. Replace the motherboard

If you take heed of our assessment and decide to put handles onto the laptop, it will likely no longer function as an entire unit. In such cases it may be necessary to replace its motherboard – a component that comprises nearly all computing components located under the bottom cover of your machine.

Replacement motherboards can cost upwards of $100 or more; however, if necessary they’re usually available for purchase on eBay and similar commercial sites – or from fellow users who have experienced similar issues with their laptops!

7. Buy a new laptop

If your laptop continues to lock its screen after following the previously mentioned solutions, then it’s time for an upgrade! Perhaps a more powerful processor unit and upgraded RAM memory could be just what you need. Don’t be reluctant – upgrade if necessary in order to provide a more convenient computing experience!

If you cannot afford to buy a brand-spanking new system, consider purchasing second-hand or refurbished units from reputable dealers.


Do not suffer in silence! If your laptop is lagging or freezing up, it is only a matter of time before it locks up on its own and becomes inaccessible. The most expedient way to remedy this issue is by utilizing the tips laid out within this piece; it will resolve any computer locking issues in mere moments!