Why Won’t My Phone Save Contacts?

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It’s frustrating when my phone won’t save contacts. I have to start all over again! I’ve tried everything but it still won’t work. My phone won’t save any contacts I add. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do. If I delete the contact and re-add it, the same thing happens. Sometimes, when I add a photo of the person, they’ll show up in my contacts list but if I try to dial them or send them a message, it won’t work. I have to start all over again! I’ve tried everything but it still won’t work.

Why is my Phone not saving contacts?

I have a Samsung galaxy j3 and it will work fine for a day or two then all of my contacts will be gone. sometimes. I can turn off the phone and turn it back on again before it happens but other times. I need to delete all apps and data from my phone to get them back.

it says that there is a problem with my phone’s storage and I need to make more space. First of all, the most recent thing that I’ve done is delete some apps that were unused or ones that used up too much storage, but it still didn’t help my problem.

Tips to Fix Contacts Not Showing up on Android

  • Use a different phone, one that is made for storing contacts, because it could be a hardware problem with Your particular phone.
  • Create an email account and save all of Your contacts to it so you will have them saved even if something happens to your phone.
  • Bring your phone to the store where you bought it, because they can fix or replace it for you.
  • Get an SD card so that You have more storage on your phone and hopefully this will solve the problem once and for all.
  • Do a hard reset of your phone, which means deleting everything that is on it, including contacts. Then you can finally start fresh and not have to worry about losing your contacts. This may also solve any other problems that your phone has so you will do this for now.
  • When not using your phone, switch the contact saving feature off so there won’t be any problems in the future.

How to Fix phone contact not saving on Android?

If you want to fix the phone contacts not saving on Android devices, try following these simple steps.

1. Resync your Gmail account

It is because sometimes contacts are not getting saved because of a synchronization issues between your phone’s system and Gmail account. So you should resync them by following the steps below.

Start your Android device and go to Apps.

Click on Settings > Accounts & Sync > Add account > Google .

Enter your Gmail address and password and click ‘OK’.

Click Refresh and wait for a while or you can turn off your phone’s data connection by going to the wireless and network settings, unchecking the option Data Connection.

Now click Refresh, if the contacts are synced with your Gmail account then they will appear on your phone.

2. Enable Your Contact App Access to Your Phone Storage

If you have enabled the Contacts app access to your phone storage, then it might be the reason there are no contacts saved on your device. Sometimes you will disable storage access for the contact app, you have to check this.

3. Clear Your Contact Data

In this method, you have the need to clear your contact app data. Defore Clearing the data you must have to export your contact list into your Gmail account or your SD Card. Then Clear your contact app data and now you can save your new contact. You can import your old contact list, that you were an expert on before clearing the data.


Finally, you can also save your contacts on the Gmail account, if you are an Android user. You should take advantage of Free online storage and save your contact there. Because sometimes phone contacts not saving on android devices due to insufficient internal memory space so this method will help you to access your contact list anytime anywhere without any need it’s a hardware issue.

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