Discover the Foolproof Solution to Revive Your Samsung TV that Refuses to Power On!

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How do you resolve a Samsung TV that will not power on? The answer is simple – just follow these steps!

A funny thing happened to me recently as I was channel surfing. After getting interested in what was being broadcast, suddenly the screen went black and remained that way for several seconds before returning to normal.

Like most people, I had ignored this minor inconvenience up until then; however, upon further inspection, I noticed that my television did not immediately respond when I pressed any button – requiring me to press any key repeatedly in order for it to start up again.

This experience has prompted me to take a closer look at televisions and become more vigilant with their upkeep.

1. Check the Power Switch

Are you perplexed that your Samsung TV just won’t power on? It could be due to a faulty power switch or perhaps an issue with its batteries.

If the problem persists, inspect the power button: if it seems stuck while depressed, this may necessitate unscrewing it in order to facilitate access; alternatively – if it feels stiff then bending it should suffice!

2. Reset the TV’s Power Switch Settings

You can reset the settings on your TV’s power switch to remedy this issue. Power down the set, unplug it from the wall outlet, and remove its power cord – then reinstall it in the same position as before.

On the back panel of your Samsung TV, locate its power button; press it several times until a yellow light flashes signaling that all is well with the set.

3. Check for Signs of a Problem with Your Local Power Supply

If your Samsung TV is exhibiting symptoms such as intermittent functionality, there could be an issue with its power supply unit. To check for faulty components that may be hindering the device’s ability to boot up or operate, please refer to the checklist below:

  • Ensure that any of the following devices are not plugged in when attempting to power up your television: telephone chargers, electric clocks, and other appliances which draw power from the wall; additionally, ensure there are no surge protectors or ungrounded outlets installed in the vicinity!

If you discover any of these issues exist during an assessment of your power supply, then it might be necessary to replace one of its components.

4. Check for a Common Issue with Your Samsung TV’s Power Cord

Finally, if your Samsung TV is still not turning on despite following all of the troubleshooting steps above and attempting to revive it with a new power supply and even swapping out leads, then check for any potential issues with its power cord.

Ensure that the prongs on your TV’s power cord are securely inserted into their respective ports, as well as ensure that it has no kinks or bends in it. If necessary, remove any obstructions from the cables before plugging them in again.

5. Try an Unofficial Third-Party Repair on Your Samsung TV

If troubleshooting fails and your Samsung TV refuses to power on, then it’s possible that the internal components may need to be replaced. However, if you’re looking for an alternative solution – one without having to invest in a full repair – then consider employing the aid of an unofficial third-party technician!

Typically, non-official technicians will require upfront payment in order to fix your television; however, some offer free consultations where they’ll examine your equipment prior to providing any estimates.

6. Buy a New Samsung TV!

If the issue persists after attempts to remedy all other potential solutions, you may need to purchase a new Samsung TV!

While exchanging your beloved old set for a newer model might be tempting, there are pros and cons to consider before making such decisions.

On one hand, a newer Samsung TV could offer faster processing speed and better connectivity options than older models – which could make it more suitable for streaming content or playing games. On the other hand, however; if your original television was built with appropriate specifications from the outset then this model may not prove any more beneficial than its predecessor.


The moment you encounter a problem with your Samsung TV, don’t panic – there’s an effective solution! In fact, we made it easy for you by providing a free application that will enable you to reset your model. So don’t delay; download this tool right now and get started!