Why Does Your DVR Keep Skipping? Main Reasons!

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Why does my DVR keep skipping? It’s an age-old question and one that we’ve all asked ourselves at some point. The truth is, the answer lies within – you just have to be willing to discover it!

The solution may seem obvious, yet it requires taking a closer look at why your DVR is not working properly. By exploring the possible causes of these issues, you can avoid costly repairs or wasted time while trying to fix them yourself!

1. Check Your Power Sources

With the proliferation of portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets, it’s imperative that you take heed when selecting your power source. In any case, you should never utilize an electrical outlet when charging these devices; rather use a USB port or battery pack for optimal convenience!

If you’re utilizing your DVR on battery power, make sure to unplug it before attempting to hook up it back up to an electrical outlet. Alternatively, if you are using electricity then ensure that no surge occurs – this could potentially be detrimental to equipment connected like televisions or other audio equipment located in areas susceptible to excessive voltage fluctuations.

2. Clean Your DVR’s Dust

The exterior of a device such as your digital video recorder (DVR) is susceptible to accumulating dust and becoming impeded in its proper functioning.

To ensure optimal recordings, we recommend periodically vacuuming out any debris or detritus that may have accumulated inside the unit. If you experience issues with your DVR recording, it could be due to the accumulation of dust on its interior surfaces; simply ridding it off should resolve any hiccups!

That being said, if you’re experiencing frequent skips, an extended procedure may be required – such as disassembling any sections of your DVR – before it can be sufficiently cleaned.

3. Try Clearing Your DVR’s Queue

Finally, don’t forget to check if there are any recordings in your DVR’s queue that you haven’t yet watched. From here, select the occurrence you’d like to remove and press the ‘Unwatch’ button located next to it so that it vanishes from the list.

If you find that your Free Week trials aren’t letting go of recordings quickly enough, our team recommends ‘wiping’ them out with a few other expedients: just delete them off altogether or drag them into another compartment; if undoubtedly useful for anyone – all those short-lived recordings can be marked for deletion later on!

4. Check the Broadcast Signal

If your problem is with the transmission station, there are numerous factors that could be to blame. From antenna alignment to signal power or channel selections – it’s possible that you’ve extracted information on these issues and resolved them; however, your DVR may still be experiencing difficulties.

If you reside in an urban area, it may be possible that channels can become obscured. To ensure that you receive a clear signal, consult TV stations’ listings for nearby transmitters before laying down any cables!

5. Add a New Channel to Avoid Skipping in the Future

If you’re encountering problems with your DVR skipping, there are usually two options to consider: either refresh the channel or switch to a different one.

Intrigued by this simple solution? Don’t fret; I’m confident that if you follow my tips on this page, they will help keep your DVR in good working order and prevent further issues from arising!

6. Only Watch Live TV (If Available)

If you encounter an episode of your favorite show that’s not available for recording, do not fret. In many cases, there are opportunities to watch it live on television!

You may be surprised at just how many channels provide online streams for their episodes. For instance, CBS and NBC both offer accounts where you can relive your favorite shows at any given time; ABC offers a comparable option as well with its Watch ABC app – while FOX has recently launched a Live Stream function as well.

Indeed, if you utilize one of these services – such as Hulu or TVNZONE (NZ-based service!) – then chances are good that you’ll be able to watch your desired programming options whenever they air!

7. Let Your Cable Company Know You Need a Repeater

If your cable company has not yet addressed any issues you may be experiencing, then it could be time to consider requesting an upgrade to a Motorola DVR with the HD Tuner. Don’t forget that if you have an antenna, but no television; you can use it as a standalone digital tuner for watching over-the-air channels like ABC, CBS, and NBC!

If you’re fortunate enough to live within range of a free or inexpensive outdoor antenna, consider connecting one up to your home entertainment system. You’ll be able to enjoy an abundance of news and sporting events – something that’s sure to please those around you!

8. Turn Off Other Hacks

Are you a frequent flipper? Perhaps you utilize an app to store your favorite shows – or one that allows you to fast-forward through commercials. If this is the case, then it may be prudent to consider uninstalling such add-ons; even though they may provide convenience for some but could also lead to frustration if inconvenient moments arise during showings!

If your antennae are bent and you’re currently fielding signals from multiple channels, consider unplugging them. This will ensure maximum reception of local channels only while leaving out any signals coming in from distant locations like broadcast networks or cable channels.


Most of us have experienced the frustration of witnessing our favorite show being interrupted by a commercial break only to find ourselves forced to wait an elongated period of time before it resumes its original programming. But fret not! There is a solution; one that can be applied to any situation where persistence and fortitude are required in order to attain satisfaction.

If you find yourself encountering such difficulties while watching your favorite television program, don’t give up hope! There may be an alternative solution available that could provide relief. To find out what it is, contact your television service provider for assistance. They should be able to assist with any issues that arise – providing assistance will ensure you have an enjoyable experience watching TV!