Is Your Ceiling Fan Possessed? Find Out Why the Light Turns On By Itself!

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Recently, I had the displeasure of experiencing an infuriating ceiling fan incident in which the light was on by itself. It was a particularly hot day and as such, my air conditioning unit had been kicking in intermittently to keep me cool – until today!

If only there was an answer as to why this happened… Fortunately, after conducting some research on the internet I discovered that this issue is quite common among people who own ceiling fans. If it happens to you too – then don’t be alarmed!

Don’t despair if your fan’s light turns on by itself. I used to be perplexed by these occurrences myself; however, when I ventured online to investigate solutions there were many responses indicating they were commonplace – even if it was only happening once every other week.

What does the Science say?

Ultimately, the switch or wiring may be out of whack. The phenomenon is referred to as a flickering light; it can signify that an electrical problem exists.

Despite its prevalence and relative simplicity, fluctuating fan speeds are rarely caused concern. As long as there are no clicking noises coming from either device – or any other audible indication indicating potential trouble – then all should be well!

How to Know If Your Ceiling Fan Is Possessed?

If your ceiling fan’s light turns on by itself and starts emitting a dim glow, chances are that it is not possessed but rather malfunctioning. Sometimes, faulty electronics can cause this effect; however, if any component remains intact despite its inability to function correctly – such as an electrical switch or circuit breaker – then there would be no reason for the light to turn on at all!

On occasion, ceiling fans may inadvertently activate while in motion. If they’re in their regular position and still don’t function correctly after you’ve stopped the blades, try gently lowering them and then restarting them initially one last time before making any changes to their positioning.

If things still do not work out as desired, consider replacing your ceiling fan. As an easy task that does not require advanced electrical expertise, it shouldn’t take long before you’re enjoying crisp breezes once more!

What You Need to Do if You Think Your Ceiling Fan Is Possessed?

If you’re worried about the haunting noises emanating from your ceiling fan, there are a few simple steps you can take to investigate its origins. If your fickle light continues flipping itself on and off without any apparent cause – don’t panic! Simply follow these tips:

Investigate the circuit breaker or fuse for any abnormalities in its operation. If this isn’t an option for whatever reason (such as if it’s been locked shut) then simply test the load from your electrical system.

If none of those solutions yield any results, contact an electrician to inspect the wiring within your home or business.

How to Deal with a Possessed Ceiling Fan?

If a ceiling fan is exhibiting signs of possession, there are a few options for resolving this issue. Most commonly, you can simply contact an electrician to have the circuit boards examined to ascertain why it’s malfunctioning; alternatively, if you choose not to take any action at all – such as leaving the light off – then chances are that nothing will be affected!

However, in some cases where electrical devices display signs of being possessed – such as lights turning themselves on or fans suddenly becoming louder than usual – there may be no alternative but to seek assistance with identifying the perpetrator.


When you arrive home after midnight, did your ceiling fan turn itself on? It could be the result of electrical arcing or debris lodged within the fixture. Discover the reason behind your ceiling fan turning itself on with this informative article!