Why Your Soundbar Keeps Turning Off? Surprising Reasons!

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Soundbars are an indispensable part of our audio experience. They allow us to enjoy movies, music, and games with superior surround sound quality – but what is it that could be causing them to shut down mid-play?

In this piece, we’ll uncover the all-too-common cause for your soundbar shutting down mid-game or when you’re in the middle of a riveting TV episode.

Soundbars Are Sucking Power From Your Remote Controls

Why does this matter? In order for your soundbar to work, it needs to be connected to an amplifier. So, when you unplug the device and leave it on standby – which is what happens frequently with remote controls- the signal responsible for powering its operation tends to become interrupted. If left unattended for too long then any devices connected could potentially experience issues just like those experienced by our smartphone example earlier!

One solution: make sure all your remotes are fully charged before leaving them anywhere; even in a cabinet where they’ll be out of sight.

How to Check if Your Soundbar is Turning Off by Itself?

If you find out that your soundbar appears to be malfunctioning, it is imperative to ascertain what might be causing this phenomenon.

  • First, examine the volume levels on your soundbar and surround sound system. If they are still at their optimum level, then there may not be a problem with either component. However – if they do seem to have decreased – keep an eye out for any adjustments!
  • If you discover that your speaker or subwoofer is having difficulties remaining connected once turned off, don’t worry. Simply use our handy guide on how to disconnect and reconnect them again.

Fixing the Problem: Turn Off the Power Switch on the Wall

Sometimes, the issue can be remedied by simply turning off the power at the wall. Make sure that it’s not connected to a surge protector or ungrounded outlet! If this doesn’t remedy things, check out our advice on finding an isolated power supply for any future repairs.

If your soundbar is still exhibiting the same behavior, you might want to consider purchasing a different device. There are numerous options available that provide an elevated listening experience at prices well within reach of most consumers.

Best Buy: The Samsung HW-N550 Nanoe Smart TV with Wireless Sound Bar

Don’t let the dazzling array of smart TV models available at Best Buy dissuade you from making a purchase; this Samsung model is an excellent choice for any space.

With its slim profile, understated style and connectivity capabilities boasting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even Dolby Atmos surround sound technology – it offers more than ample entertainment options with no compromise on quality!

Ideal for an office workspace, this device allows users to stream content directly onto their screens without sacrificing the convenience of plugging in any wires.

Best Sell: The Elac UB5 Home Theater 5.1 Speaker System in Black

If your audio intentions are simple – like if you just want to listen to music or watch movies at home – then the Elac UB5 is an ideal system for you. With its stellar surround sound capabilities, it provides immersive audio that will transport your senses into a world of sound!

The Elac UB5 is a sleek, stylish speaker system with all five front-firing speakers and a center channel. It features a rather large 5.1-channel configuration which provides an impressive amount of stereo separation as well as stunning multi-channel sound.

This particular unit comes equipped with Dolby Atmos decoding, which allows you to enjoy 4-height channel surround sound from any source. This means that even when listening to regular television channels without those pesky side channels on offer, you can still get the full effect thanks to this technology! The other noteworthy advantage of this arrangement is that since there are no dedicated subwoofers involved; volume levels remain consistently optimized across all channels regardless of what’s happening in the last place!


You’ve encountered a vexing problem: your soundbar abruptly turns itself off! If you are anything like me, this has happened more than once; and while I can comprehend that the device may malfunction occasionally – especially given its additional functions – I’m certainly not pleased whenever it happens.

To ensure your soundbar remains on, all you need to do is glance at it and make sure that the indicator light is illuminated. This will ensure that it remains powered up until needed – no matter where you are in the home!