Why Does Audible Stop When My Phone Locks?

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If you’re like me, you probably use Audible a lot to listen to books. But have you ever noticed that the audio stops when your phone locks? It’s not just Audible – any app that uses audio will stop playing when your screen turns off. There’s a reason for this, and it’s actually pretty handy. Keep reading to find out why this happens and how to fix it if you don’t like it.

There are several reasons why you may experience an issue with your audio stopping playing when your device locks. Please note that this is fairly uncommon, so if it’s happening to you today, please don’t fret!

To begin, you should know that just having any of these problems doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your device. Your device may be perfectly fine, and the issue is instead a one-time glitch.

Check for updates

It’s possible that your phone or tablet software needs to be updated, in order to have support for an audio file you’re playing. If none of the other solutions on this list worked for you, consider going to your device settings and updating your software.

If you recently downloaded a new app, it may have a bug that causes a conflict with other apps. To fix this issue, try uninstalling other apps you’ve recently added and see if that resolves the problem.

Clear your audio app’s cache

If you’re experiencing the issue while using a specific app, such as Spotify or Pandora, it may be due to some temporary data in the app that is causing this problem. You can clear this cache by going into your device settings and finding your audio app under applications. Once you’ve selected the audio app, you’ll be able to clear its cache and remove temporary files, and this should resolve the issue.

If you’re having issues with an audio file that is saved in your phone or tablet already (for example, a song on iTunes), go to the same section of settings mentioned above. Instead of selecting your audio app, select general storage, then go to cached data and clear your audio app’s cache.

Make sure you are not using a power-saving mode

If your phone or tablet goes into power-saving mode, it may automatically turn off any audio that is playing. To fix this issue, go to your device settings and find the section for turning off power-saving mode. Turn the function off and you’ll be able to listen to music and other audio files without interruption.

If you’re using power-saving mode on the specific battery setting, then go to this same section of settings and select that. Then, deselect the function for turning off some or all audio when the phone is locked. Your device should still use your preferred power-saving options for performance and battery life, but it won’t stop any audio you’re currently listening to.

Reboot Your Mobile Device

Sometimes, you may need to restart your mobile device in order to fix a wide variety of problems. This process can be quite easy – simply hold down the power button and wait for the menu that asks if you want to shut down or restart. Once your phone restarts, try playing an audio file again. If this doesn’t solve the issue, continue to the next solution on this list.

Fix your screen lock settings

Some apps may have trouble playing audio files if you’re using a specific screen lock setting, such as pin or password. To fix this, go to your device settings and select security. Then, find the section for locking your phone with a pin or password, and deactivate this feature. This should allow any apps that were experiencing issues with screen lock to play audio again.

Reinstall the app

If none of the above suggestions worked for you, it is possible that an app on your device is causing this problem. To fix this issue, You can reinstall the app.


Why Does Audible Stop When IPhone Is Locked?

A lot of people have found that there are times when they have been listening to Audible books on their iPhones and that it stops playing after the phone is locked. The screen will show that it is still playing, but no sound can be heard or what used to be heard has now changed. It makes for an unpleasant listening experience. Some have even reported that the device will not play again until it is unlocked.

Why Does Audible Pause When My Phone Locks?

You’re listening to a book on your phone and it pauses when you lock the screen. It’s really frustrating because if you do so much as press the home button, it pauses. You have to unlock your phone just to pause the book! Wouldn’t it be easier if any time you touch your screen, whether it is on accident or to change the song, it didn’t pause? We think so too!

Why Does Audible Keep Closing?

Hi, I’m a user of Audible.com for a long time now and I really love it. However, recently there is one problem that keeps bugging me. Whenever I put my phone in lock mode via the push buttons, Audible stops playing. I really love to listen to my audiobooks before I go to sleep, but this is annoying.


So, now you know why your audio apps stop playing when your screen locks. If this is something that bothers you, there are a couple of things you can do. You can either change the settings on your phone so that the audio continues to play even when the screen is off, or you can download an app that will keep your audio playing even when the screen is locked. Whichever option you choose, now you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Have you ever used Audible or another audio app with these settings? How do you like it? Let us know in the comments below.

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