[Fixed] Why Is My Phone Screen Flickering?

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If your phone screen flickering, don’t panic! It could be a simple fix. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why your phone screen might be flickering and how to fix it. So, if your phone’s screen has been acting up, keep reading! You might just find the solution you’re looking for.

A phone screen is flickering for many reasons. The phone may just need to be rebooted, but many other reasons could cause your phone screen to flicker.

Here are some possible causes of the phone flickering

  • Your phone needs to be rebooted. First off, restart your phone by holding down the power button and pressing “reboot phone” in the pop-up. If your phone screen still flickers, it may just need to update by plugging it into the charger and letting it charge until full before turning on.
  • This could also be caused by a phone app or phone settings. Start by rebooting the phone (see above). Next, hold the home button down for about 10 seconds which will bring up a phone option to close apps running in the background that could be using battery power or other phone resources that your phone needs to function properly. You can also do this to record usage of your phone while you were previously not aware of what was happening to impact battery life etc.
  • Finally, check all phone settings like screen brightness, time out setting, phone notifications, etc.
  • The phone screen is flickering because it needs to be replaced. If you have tried everything above and the phone screen still flickers, your phone may need a new screen.

Phone screen flickering some possible solutions:

  • You can check if this is your issue by plugging in a charger and seeing if the phone charges properly with a solid red light showing on the phone charging port. If so, then your phone is just slowly dying over time which you can buy a new phone or continue using it until it finally dies completely.
  • This could also be caused by a phone app or phone settings as well as hardware malfunctions as outlined in possibilities 1 through 3 above. Finally, the last solution is replacing the phone screen.


Your phone screen might be flickering because of the light. One common reason for this is that your phone’s brightness level may have been set too high, which causes it to flicker when you are in a lit room or outdoors on a sunny day. To fix this issue, simply lower the brightness setting and see if the problem goes away. If not, there could be an underlying hardware issue with your device.

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