Is Your Computer a Fire Hazard? Discover the Shocking Reason!

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Why is my computer repeatedly blowing fuses? It’s driving me crazy! I have no idea how to fix it!

If you’re like me, then this is a common occurrence. Each time the power goes out unexpectedly, your device unexpectedly cuts out – leaving you questioning whether or not it really needs an electrician!

It may be prudent for you to inquire as to whether or not an electrician is still needed in order to determine if there’s anything actually amiss with the wiring within your home.

Use a Computer That Is Within Your Budget

The average cost of a new desktop PC is $799, whereas high-end models can be as much as $1,500!

Is your budget constrained? If so, don’t fret – there are plenty of computers that fall under the price bracket you’ve set for yourself.

The starting point is to determine what size and configuration would allow you to attain the desired level of performance within your cost range. These can vary from model to model but here’s an idea of how much you should be looking at spending when making your selection:

At $299 (and under), two models are available for purchase which include: ASUS and Lenovo. I picked them both based on reviews and benchmarks so that I could have a general overview as well as provide more details on each.

Check the Power Cord and Switch Locations If Necessary

If the power cord is at fault, you could invest in an extension cable. However, if your PC’s power supply fails to rectify the issue or if the main surge protector is faulty then you may have no choice but to contact an electrician for assistance.

If any sudden disconnections occurred with the power in your area, like a thunderstorm, then it’s worth making sure that your surge protector is working properly by checking its status. If it has been damaged from a storm; replace it before anything else!

Buy a Power Strip and Place It Near Your Computer If You Have to Use A Power Cord

If a long power cord is all you have available, don’t despair. Simply plug it into the jack on your surge protector and then connect it to whatever electrical device you’re using. This will provide additional protection against power surges which can wreak havoc with sensitive equipment like computers!

On occasion, an unwieldy power strip might be all that stands between you and a catastrophic computer meltdown. However, this does not guarantee security from electrical issues; instead, only providing an additional layer of protection is insufficient if any faults occur within its wiring!

Make Sure No Hardware Is Behind the Computer and No Dust Bunnies Are Inside

Hacking doesn’t need to be complex; in fact, it can be accomplished with just a few clicks of a mouse. Nevertheless, the complexity is usually measured against the effort required to perform such tasks – whether that level may vary greatly!

To ensure your security and prevent any potential harm at all costs, contact Techpacific’s IT support team today to make sure your computer systems are up to par. We offer phone consultations as well as remote assistance services in which we can check out your desktop remotely from our office location so we can resolve any issues promptly.

Keep Your Computer Clean and Check for Debris Often

Regularly sanitizing your system with a computer vacuum cleaner, such as a ‘nitrometer’ or a “vacuum and dusting tool”, is essential for maintaining optimum performance. These devices can be utilized to remove debris from within the PC, ensuring that it operates flawlessly; however, if it remains unclean over time this could lead to more serious issues such as overheating!

Over time, dust particles and other particulates can accumulate within any given device and ultimately cause its failure, which is why it’s important to keep these items out of sight and reach. Additionally, cleaning off all visible residue may help prevent components from becoming damaged by contacting obsolete materials – thus keeping your machine in peak condition!


To avoid getting caught up in the drama, take charge and rectify any issues associated with your computer. If you discover that it’s been jolted or contacted with excessive force, then be sure to request an expedited repair from an expert who can help make things right!