Is Your TV Stuck on One Channel? Discover the Surprising Solution Now!

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Why is your TV stuck on one channel? Perhaps you’re in for a surprise when the electrician arrives, but until then – don’t fret! Here’s what to do about it.

1. Check the “Info” Setting

If the issue lies within your television, then it is most likely a setting that needs to be corrected. To address this problem, all that’s required is flipping a switch on your remote and selecting the “Info” option; then simply select the channel number which should resolve any issues and provide a solution!

As an alternative method, if you’re unable to locate the correct adjustment onscreen, don’t despair! Instead, just follow these simple steps:

Before making any adjustments, ensure that you have turned on the proper settings for your television. If it’s not already on when you start, simply press its power button or flick up from where it sits onto its screen; then check if everything else is in order like volume levels and channels before proceeding further!

2. Get Another Remote Control

If you find that your remote is unresponsive, check for a pairing code. If there is none, use a different device to operate the television – perhaps even enlist an assistant if possible!

Bear in mind that one may be able to fix these issues by using the process of elimination; if no other solutions appear viable at all, then it’s prudent to consider investing in a different set of remotes before cabling up again.

3. Reboot Your TV and Receiver

  • Re-installing your components is an effective remedy for intermittent channel problems.
  • If you’re experiencing difficulty with your TV, reboot it and check that that didn’t solve the issue! If not – don’t fret – we’ve got a few more solutions up our sleeves!

4. Clean Your Rear Remote Control Sensor

The rear remote control may not be as prone to dust accumulation and other obstructions in the home compared to its front counterpart, but it’s still recommended that you take care of your TV’s remotes periodically. Moreover, if the left and right buttons on both sides of the remote become unresponsive – or even fail to work at all – then this could be an indication that something like dirt or debris is lodged between them! To remedy such an issue, simply give the unit a wipe over with a soft cloth; hopefully, this will help restore full functionality along with making sure everything remains secure within its cavity.

5. Reset Your TV’s Options

Sometimes, a simple user error may be the reason why your television is stuck on one channel. To rectify this situation and refresh your TV’s settings so it displays content in its most ideal manner, you’ll need to reset some of the options.

To achieve this result, access the ‘Settings’ menu from your remote control. Then select the icon adjacent to ‘Display’ to reveal an array of choices; make sure that the ‘Picture’ item is selected before proceeding further! Once this choice is chosen, locate the option labeled as ‘Standard Definition’ alongside ‘Resolution’; do not forget about this important step – without adjustment for resolution level none of your other configurations will make any difference!

6. Check Your Antenna or Cable Connection

When connection malfunctions occur, things can get a little tricky. If your cable is not connected properly and yet you continue to experience the same channel; then it may be indicative of an issue with either that specific connection or the system itself – which warrants further investigations.

If you notice that your antenna appears to be in good working order but there seems to be no signal whatsoever coming through, then it could indicate that the unit has become damaged (either physically or electrically). If you’re experiencing this scenario frequently – perhaps with any alignment changes one must undertake – then think about investing in an updated model.

7. Call a technician

If your television appears to be broken, it may be worthwhile seeking assistance from a technician. Even if your display is merely exhibiting the expected image fluctuations or time-shifting anomalies; these could be symptoms of underlying problems that require urgent attention.

You may not need professional help in order to resolve any issues with your set’s signal. However, if its frequencies are constantly shifting as well as fading in and out of range – then you should consider seeking assistance from a specialist!


If you’re plagued by a television that refuses to budge from one channel, then don’t despair! There’s a solution for you – our newly-updated app can help. Simply scan the barcode of your stuck TV and the app will identify its location with pinpoint accuracy. Then, all you have to do is click ‘Unstick’ and it will be on its way – just like magic!

Did you stumble upon a TV that’s refusing to budge? If so, we would love to hear about it! Share your tale in the space below so we can all learn from it.