Apple Watch Keeps Locking: What to Do When Your Apple Watch Stops Working?

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Why does my Apple Watch keep locking? Straight from the horse’s mouth, why does my Apple Watch keep locking? This can be disconcerting if you are unaware that this issue exists. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to rectify it!

How to Stop Your Apple Watch From Locking

To correctly answer this question, we must first understand that all Apple Watches have a built-in ‘Alarm’ feature. You can readily alter the alarm time for your preferred wake-up call by utilizing the Digital Crown; thereby ensuring a more pleasant start to your day!

If you find that your Apple Watch has locked itself after an elapsed period of inactivity on its face, it is most likely due to wearables failing to charge – or perhaps an issue with battery life.

1. Do Not Ignore the Lock Screen Message

Have you ever experienced the involuntary sensation of deja vu? It’s possible that Apple Watch is behind it! If your device restarts unexpectedly – perhaps due to a software glitch – you may be greeted with an alarming message warning users not to enter any passwords or PINs.

For instance, if you were on the verge of completing a task only to forget what remained undone before being interrupted; or simply wanted to spend some time relaxing in between activities before returning later-how would you respond if prompted by such an alert on your watch?

Remember, pressing the Digital Crown button will quickly reveal all available options at hand – allowing you ample time to resolve any issues encountered along the way.

Don’t forget that this electronic lock screen message displays consistently across various devices and operating systems.

2. Do Not Force Restart If It Is Working Properly

If you are having a technologically-induced momentary lapse of sanity, don’t attempt to restart your Apple Watch. Doing so could potentially result in irreparable damage!

If your Apple Watch seems frozen, its best practice is to simply leave the device alone until it is able to reboot on its own accord. Don’t fret if you encounter this issue more than once – chances are high that your device will eventually start up again without any intervention from you required!

3. Do Not Try to Reset the Watch via iCloud

If you choose to reset your Apple Watch, be sure not to attempt this process via iCloud. This will erase all data from the smartwatch and leave it in a state where it cannot be used again!

If you have attempted the above steps and are still unable to resolve your issue, contact an expert at one of our Authorized Apple Retailers for assistance!

4. Contact Apple Support

Before deciding that all is lost and giving up on your Apple Watch, don’t forget to contact customer support. Don’t assume they’ll be able to help you resolve the issue quickly – they may require more time in order to research and find a solution; however, it could just mean an even greater opportunity for you!

If you’re not satisfied with the level of assistance provided by AppleCare experts, or if you prefer a closer look at any features within their Support Center portal, then contacting them can be very beneficial.

5. Manually Turn Off the Lock Feature on Your Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch is performing as expected but then suddenly resets itself, it may be due to a glitch. In such instances, all you need to do is toggle off the ‘Find My iPhone’ option in Settings on your device and re-enable it again before restarting your device for good measure.

If your Apple Watch is malfunctioning and incessantly locking only one of your vital applications like an alarm or timer, it may be time to update them. If they haven’t been deployed recently, perhaps reviving them could result in an automatic update process – then all you need to do is reconnect with your watch.

6. Consider Replacing Your Apple Watch with a New One

If you’re still experiencing issues with Apple Watch locking, it may be time to consider replacing it with a new model. A fresh start could be just what the doctor ordered!

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It may be difficult to comprehend why the Apple Watch continually locks itself, but if you give it a moment’s thought, there are likely two or three plausible reasons. After all, it is an age-old phenomenon – some people simply cannot keep their fingers off of things!

If your Apple Watch is inexplicably locking up on a regular basis, there are a few potential solutions that may resolve your issue. First and foremost is to ensure that your device is kept in a secure location – don’t leave it lying around where prying eyes could conceivably access it. Next up is ensuring that the passcode is properly established; after all, no one wants their possessions falling into nefarious hands! Lastly – and perhaps most importantly – make sure that all security features are enabled via the Settings app on your iPhone before starting up your watch; this should provide additional layers of security against unwanted access attempts.