What Is The Difference Between Office Chair And Gaming Chairs?

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Do you know the difference between an office chair and a gaming chair? If not, you’re in for a surprise! Gaming chairs are specifically designed to make your gaming experience more comfortable and enjoyable. They often have features that ordinary office chairs don’t, such as built-in speakers, vibration motors, and adjustable armrests. So if you’re looking for comfort and an improved gaming experience, a gaming chair is the way to go!

You have two chairs. One for office and one specifically for gaming, but you don’t know the difference between them. Well, there are many differences, so let’s get started!

First of all, let’s talk about their similarities to start with. They both sit on the floor (unless they’re executive or swivel chairs), they both swivel, and they both have armrests. Their seats are generally at the same height but there are some exceptions to this rule.

Now for their differences:

1) Design/Aesthetics

Office chairs generally look more conservative than gaming chairs. Office chairs tend to come in neutral colors like black or white whereas gaming chairs are available in an array of colors. There are also gaming chairs that have designs on them, solid or abstracted.

2) Seat Coverings

Office chairs come with fabric or leather seat coverings whereas gaming chairs may come with fabric, leather, race car style, pleather (synthetic leather), and suede (not genuine like most office chairs).

3) Padding

Office chairs have a moderate amount of padding whereas gaming chairs have added thickness to the armrests and higher levels of padding. Some gaming chairs even come with neck pillows which you can’t find in any office chair.

4) Lumbar Support

Gaming chairs are often designed for lumbar support, whereas office chairs generally aren’t. But if you find an office chair with lumbar support, it’s usually adjustable through buttons or levers on the back of the chair that you can change as necessary.

5) Tilt Lock Mechanism

If you’re looking for a chair to do some ‘gaming’ (casting spells and slaying dragons, not playing video games), tilt lock mechanism is a must. If you don’t have it, your chair may become unexpectedly tilted backward while typing or during other office activities which can be quite disturbing. Luckily, all gaming chairs have this mechanism so you don’t have to worry about this!

6) Recline Function

Some office chairs may come with this function but it’s not mandatory. Most gaming chairs have the ability to recline back though.

7) Armrests

There isn’t much of a difference between an office chair and gaming chairs in this area except for the amount of padding some office chairs may have, so generally speaking, there is no difference here either. Unless, of course, the arms are adjustable in height and width.

8) Weight Limit

There isn’t a huge difference between office chairs and gaming chairs here either. Generally speaking, most office chairs have a high weight limit whereas gaming chairs have a reasonable weight limit. There are exceptions to both rules though so make sure you read the product description before you buy one.

9) Material Used

Office chairs may come in a combination of different materials such as wood, mesh, and leather whereas gaming chairs aren’t known for having these combinations. You can find one with all three but it would be rarer than finding an office chair that has them.

10) Warranty

There are slight differences in their warranty. Office chairs usually come with a 1-5 year warranty whereas gaming chairs tend to have a 1 – 3 year warranty. This is just an estimate though and can vary depending on the company that manufactures it.


Is It Possible To Use A Gaming Chair As An Office Chair?

The answer is no. Gaming chairs are designed specifically for the purpose of gaming, so they have features that don’t make them very good office chairs. The biggest differences are the arm rests and how it supports your back.

Are Gaming Chairs Suitable For Working From Home?

This depends on your work. For example, if you are working from home with a computer for 8 hours straight, then yes, gaming chairs would be suitable for this type of work. However, if you are someone with an active job that requires you to move around a lot or stand up often throughout the day, it is not recommended to use gaming chairs, as they are focused on specific leg positioning.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Gaming Chair Over An Office Chair?

Gaming chairs are designed to be more ergonomic for people who are sitting in the same position for long periods of time. Office chairs, by nature, are usually less padded and have more hard materials in the seat. Gaming chairs support your back better due to their high backs and extra padding.

What Exactly Is The Difference Between Office Chairs And Gaming Chairs?

There are several differences. Gaming chairs generally come with more padding, especially in the butt area of the chair. Office chairs will often have armrests that don’t move or adjust. Gaming Chairs tend to be on casters (wheels) whereas office chairs tend to not be on casters. Gaming chairs can recline while office chairs cannot; Most gaming chairs even lay back automatically.

What Should You Get, An Office Chair Or A Gaming Chair?

If your work requires you to be in the same seated position for long periods of time, then get a gaming chair. Also, if you feel like your office chair isn’t giving you enough support, get a gaming chair. However, if your work requires you to stand up often (for example bartending), then get an office chair, or go to a store and physically sit in chairs until you find something that is comfortable for standing for long hours.


A lot of people think that there is no real difference between the two and it’s just a ploy by gaming chair companies to get more money. In reality, there is a difference in design and aesthetics, padding, lumbar support, tilt lock mechanism, reclining function, armrests adjustability, weight limit, and warranty length. Now that you know the differences between office chairs and gaming chairs, which one will you buy?

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