What Is a Pleb in Gaming? How to Avoid Getting Called One

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If you’ve ever been called a ‘pleb’ in gaming, then you’re probably aware of the connotation behind it: being perceived as someone who lacks proficiency or prowess in an activity.

Being labeled a ‘pleb’ can be incredibly disheartening, especially if you are an avid gamer. In this article, we’ll delve into what exactly a plebe is and how to avoid ending up on their radar.

What Is a Pleb in Gaming?

If you’re new to a game, NPCs may refer to you by way of an insult: “Hey, what’s up with this little pleb running around here?”

Plebs can range from any member of the gaming community who does not belong exclusively to an elite group of friends. That said, some titles may explicitly classify players as elites – be it due to skill or sheer popularity within a particular fandom!

If you find yourself being referred to as a plebeian over and over again, don’t fret – there are ways to avoid that fate!

What to Do if You’re Called a Pleb in Gaming

If you are a team-mate of mine and you’re named in this article, we’ve both been called a pleb. As someone who hasn’t yet ascended to pro status, it’s likely that our level of involvement with the community and industry will be vastly different from professional gamers – which is all too common for newcomers. This doesn’t mean we don’t deserve respect; quite the opposite!

It can be challenging to understand where one stands with regard to this issue. If your experiences and involvement with gaming aren’t comparable to that of an established veteran, don’t fret: simply take comfort in knowing that your contributions have value! Moreover, remember that your presence at esports events will help draw attention to these endeavors while simultaneously providing opportunities for you to make connections within the community.

If you’re slightly more experienced than another player, but truly haven’t had much time invested in competitive gaming, then recognize that such spotlights may not always be forthcoming.

After all, if nobody pays attention to you on Twitter or Facebook – or even worse, if everybody takes notice – then how could anyone dare presume that what you’re doing is noteworthy? However – even though it may not seem like much initially – there could be some potential down the road; so don’t despair!

Watch Your Tone of Voice

Just as there are subcultures within gaming, so too does it foster its own dialect. In fact, some users may even consider this to be an asset when communicating online.

This can create a barrier between non-gamers and gamers; and prevent newcomers from connecting with the community. Make sure that you’re using terminology appropriate for your audience.

Don’t Act Disdainful

It is essential that you remain guarded when interacting with others, lest you incur the wrath of any potential plebs in your gaming space.

Do not become overtly dismissive or patronizing toward those who may lack knowledge about a specific topic. The implications could be detrimental if one of these individuals makes an erroneous assumption or misconstrues something they observed during gameplay; resulting in anger towards the gamer who made such a remark!

Don’t Start Arguments

Do not start arguments or commence hostilities. If you do, neither party will want to continue playing with you and may decide to leave the game altogether.

If another player is being a jerk, consider bowing out of the interaction rather than engaging in an argument. This move can save everyone time and effort while still maintaining civility regardless of outcome.

Be Polite and Shut Up If You Don’t Get Whose Turn It Is

When playing a multiplayer game, there may be instances when one player’s turn ends and another begins. It can be jarring to hear them bark out their commands.

Don’t panic! Just shut up and let your fellow gamers play until it’s their turn. If they throw you a bone, offer them a gift or something in return for some amusement – this is always an acceptable answer!

If being granted the opportunity to utter a word is not sufficient recompense for being at the mercy of others’ turns, then don’t speak at all and abide by the silence rule!


A pleb is a pejorative term to describe someone who is socially inept or lacking in sophistication.

If you lack the ability to converse intelligently and make connections with others, then you may find yourself being described as a “pleb” during your gaming sessions. When playing online with other players, there’s an expectation for one’s intellect to be on display – not only from those around one but from oneself as well! It’s vital to ensure that one’s words and actions align; otherwise, one may find oneself being labeled as a “pleb” during such interactions.