What Is Forex Trading? Best Explanation in 2023

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Forex trading can be defined as online currency trading, which is very similar to the daily dealings that each of us makes when dealing with exchange companies when he needs to convert from one currency to another. What differs here is that the buying and selling of currencies are through the Internet through brokerage firms that act as an intermediary between the trader and the central banks.

As long as that’s the case, why don’t we exchange the currency through the exchanges then? What is the benefit of online currency trading?

Buying and selling currencies through the Internet has a lot of benefits, as it can benefit from intraday movements around the clock. And entering into short deals through which significant profits can be made. It is also possible to take advantage of the financial leverage offered by brokerage companies, which if used correctly will contribute to maximizing profits to a large extent. Another thing is that these markets operate 5 days a week around the clock, and the liquidity is available so that currencies can be bought and sold at any time without any problems.

Information about the forex market

Currently, forex trading is one of the most interesting topics as the forex market is the largest in the world, with a daily turnover of more than 6.000 billion US dollars.

At the present time, many consider e-commerce in general and currency trading in particular, as a real source of income, especially in our Arab world, which is witnessing an unprecedented rise in unemployment rates. But can trading in the financial markets really fill this gap, and can it be considered a new source of income? This is what we will learn about in detail in this article.

Online currency trading basics

The method of online currency trading differs in fact from exchanging currency through exchange shops, as online trading takes the form of speculation, and this is in fact a problem, especially for novice traders.

Speculation means that when a trader sells or buys a certain currency, the purchased currency does not actually enter the buyer’s ownership, and when a certain currency is sold, it does not come out of his ownership.

When you start trading, if the trader’s account is in dollars, and the trader buys Euros for dollars, then the value of the account does not convert to Euros as it is in currency exchange in practice in our daily life. Read on to learn how to determine profit and loss in the original account currency.

How is profit achieved and how does loss occur in the forex market?

In the event that things turn out as the trader expected, in this case, he wins an amount of money equal to the difference between the number of pips at the time of opening the deal and the time of closing it. But in the event that things are contrary to what the trader expected, in this case, the trader loses an amount of money equal to the difference between the number of pips at the time of entering the trade and the time of exiting it.

Profit and loss are estimated in the same currency as the original account without any change in the type of this currency, whether when buying or selling.

The method of currency trading is in the form of trading pairs, i.e. one currency against another, one of the most important and most famous of these pairs is the Euro-dollar (EUR/USD). In currency pairs, the currency on the left is the main currency in which the buying and selling operations are conducted, while the currency on the right is the secondary currency against which the buying or selling takes place.

Returning to the subject of speculation on the basis of which profit and loss are determined, and if the trader decides to buy one currency against another (the euro against the dollar for example), in this case, he expects the euro to rise against the dollar, so he buys it and then resells it after the price rises.

To get acquainted with the most important concepts of forex and currency trading, we recommend reading our article entitled: Forex Terminology, at the same time it is very important to read our article entitled Margin Trading, which is considered among the basics of forex.

Is currency trading profitable?

The currency trading project, like other projects, has the potential for profit and loss, as no project in this universe can be described as a project that does not lose, otherwise, it is a form of gambling. But what makes a trader profit? And what causes him to lose?

In buying and selling coins online there is a set of alphabets. And a minimum of experience that every trader must have in order to actually be able to start executing deals and make a profit.

There is a wide range of lies about guaranteed ways of sure profit and about automated trading strategies and tools that give 100% guaranteed profits on the Internet. If it were that simple, you wouldn’t find losing traders in these markets. On the other hand, it is not possible to be sure of a specific profit rate that a trader can get from investing in forex. This depends primarily on the extent of the trader’s experience, and the extent of his knowledge of the different methods and methods of analysis that affect price movements.

The currency exchange market is known to be affected by a wide range of variables and governed by a different set of conditions, and many different techniques and methods are used to anticipate price movements and trends. These different factors and the many variables will be topics for other articles to be covered in some detail. And in a style that suits all levels, from forex trading education for beginners to the most experienced levels.

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