How to Choose the Best Version of Windows 10 for Gaming

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Choosing the optimal version of Windows 10 for gaming can be a daunting task.

Though it is an intuitive decision to purchase the latest edition of Windows, it may not be in your best interest when it comes to gaming. The difference between a $200 gaming PC and one costing $2,000 could be as high as $1,500 – making it critical that you choose wisely!

In this piece, we’ll outline the essential elements to consider when choosing Microsoft’s most cost-effective operating system: Windows 10.

Upgrade to the Xbox app on Windows 10

In most cases, you’ll be able to utilize your Windows 10 device with the Xbox app. It’s a feature that facilitates synchronization between both platforms and offers gamers a convenient way to keep an eye on their progress while away from home.

With this arrangement in place, online games can be launched directly from your display – no need for having to log back into them! All of this while being accessible via voice commands; it’s like we’re talking to one another as if they were sitting right next to us.

Install the Xbox app on your Windows 10 PC

Even if you’re an Xbox gamer, it is possible to access the classic console experience on your Windows 10 computer. By installing the official Xbox app and linking your Microsoft account with it, you can do just that – which makes it a breeze!

In order to access your Xbox Live account from within Windows 10, simply go to Settings > Gaming (under Apps), click the ‘Add’ button in front of Xbox Live, then select Connect using your existing account as shown below:

Once you’ve successfully linked your accounts, you’ll be able to log into your Xbox Live account directly from your desktop using this convenient shortcut.

Choose the right Windows 10 edition for gaming

For those who are new to the world of Windows, there are several different versions. These include Home & Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions (which cater specifically to students).

The principal distinction between these variants lies in their enterprise licensing options: Home users are afforded access to either one or three non-enterprise licenses while Pro users may purchase up to five. For everyone else, academia will serve as your sole recourse – limiting their potential gaming potential!

Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for gaming

For the ultimate gaming experience, we recommend upgrading to Windows 10 Pro (formerly Windows 10 Home). This edition provides gamers with advanced security features; from data encryption and app access controls to remote device management capabilities.

The only real limitation of using Windows 10 Pro for gaming is its inability to run applications outside of Steam and UWP games. However, if you do happen to own titles that are incompatible with Windows 10 then it could be beneficial for users who wish to upgrade without compromising on their preferred software programs.

Install Windows 10 games using a third-party app

In order to play the vast majority of games, users must obtain the appropriate Windows 10 files and set up an installation. This can prove cumbersome if you are on a tight schedule or simply forgetful!

Fortunately, there is an app that can facilitate the process: Simply access App Store in your system settings and select Install for later use – this will provide gamers with fast and easy access when it is time for them to install their newest titles.

Buy a game key for express installation

If you’d like to install a game on one machine and then instantly share that experience with others, then this option could be ideal. If you purchase a game key via Green Man Gaming only – rather than creating an account and logging in to the platform – then this is how it works! All one has to do is contact customer support asking to have their title set up for express installation; they can either wait for it to be completed or select ‘Immediately Install’ when prompted.

Express installation is like having a pre-made, personalized version of Windows 10 tailored specifically for gaming needs. For example, if Microsoft detects that your system lacks some necessary components for optimal operation – such as HDMI output capability or USB ports – then Express will automatically download those components so that gamers can access their games without delay.


Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference as to which version of Windows 10 you choose. If you’re an established gamer that’s been operating under Windows 8 or 10, chances are your eyes will be opened when you gaze upon Windows 10 as a whole.

This guide will help you determine what version of Windows 10 is best suited for gaming. Although all three options have their own merits, there’s no denying that the Creators Update is the most exciting yet!

Are you curious about which version of Windows 10 is best for gaming? We hope this article has shed some light on the subject!