How to Fix Horizontal Lines on TV Forever? With Genius Tips!

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Does your television exhibit a pronounced horizontal line running across its screen? If so, don’t despair! We have the solution for you – just follow these simple tips to rectify this issue in no time!

Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to remedy that pesky crease in no time!

Why Does My TV Have Horizontal Lines?

If you’re a frequent watcher of television, then you’ve likely come across a phenomenon known as “lines”.

These lines can appear anywhere on your screen – be it the aspect ratio or just above where there shouldn’t be any! This is a visual indication of the production team’s decision in regards to displaying content.

The Fix for TV With Horizontal Lines

If your TV exhibits horizontal bands, it necessitates a little tinkering before you can resume enjoying your favorite shows. Fortunately, the solution is quite straightforward; all you have to do is invest in some specialized hardware and spruce up your set!

First, we advise taking out any component or electrical device that may be obstructing the signal at its source—then carefully hooking up your new component. If necessary, consult with an expert if you encounter any issues while setting up your TV again.

How to Do It?

To achieve a more even, seamless surface in your living area, it’s essential to employ an anti-static mat.

The ideal choice for this purpose is the one that includes static shielding and non-slip backing.

The strategy is straightforward: just place any mat atop your television and then position it directly over your device!

Procedure for Degaussing Your Flat Screen TV

With only a handful of tools from your toolkit, you can easily degauss your flat screen without the need for further technical expertise or any major modifications.

  • Unplug your television set and place it face down on a hard surface as you proceed with the following steps:

Video Instructions for Degaussing Your Flat Screen TV

Degaussing, an industry-standard procedure for disposing of electronic waste, offers a cost-effective solution that renders televisions safe to discard in a landfill.

If you purchased your TV new, it may be eligible for recycling through the Electronic Product Recovery Program (EPRP). This initiative allows enterprises, such as electronics salvage businesses and donation pick-up centers, to turn your old gadgets into cash by selling them off at their discretion.

If any portion of your TV still functions; carefully disassemble it. The pieces should then be packed according to their type and placed in accordance with weight so that those who will transport them can do so accordingly.

Hint: Use a Vacuum with a Long Attachment Tube if You Have a Large Area to Degauss!

If the fix isn’t quite cutting it, it may be time to consider a different approach. If the issue is simply too large to resolve with a single application, try incorporating manual degaussing into your remedial action. It’s imperative that you take great care when vacuuming or using a suction device in order to effectively eliminate any residual magnetism!

If you’re left with an even bigger problem than before, don’t despair! There are several solutions available for removing unwanted magnetic fields.


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