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It can be confusing when you are facing the problem of your phone keep turning off. The people facing the issues about his phone and one issue one of the themes is your phone keep turning off by itself. This can be very strange because you cannot be able to do anything with your phone at this time when your phone automatically turns off. All task like watching youtube, browsing, using social media, playing the game means all task will be close when your phone will turn off.

If your phone turns off then maybe it’s a hardware issue or a software issue. Before doing anything make sure your phone battery is charged and any other person has not to turn off your phone. However, in most cases, you can if it by yourself.

Why Your Phone Keep Turning Off by Itself and How to fix

There are some reasons we are going to discuss to solve your phone problem. In most cases, these all points helpful to fix this issue.

Phone Internal Self-Restart

phone keep turning off

First thing is that make sure your phone keeps turning off itself because of the phone’s internal self-restart. The phone will automatically turn off after using the long term for reload the memory and this is the normal thing and this will not make any type of problem in your phone. This is good for your phone after using the phone for a couple of days without the restart, this will clear your phone app caches and will close that’s app is running in the background, which make your device running smoothly.

Battery is not working

Keep this thing into your mind the battery is the most important part of the phone. You have to check your phone battery is working perfectly. In this case where your phone battery has insufficient current due to resons your phone continue turn off.
Now charge your phone and use a powerfull usb cabel for your phone charging. Plugin your phone and leave your phone on charge for few hours and then will check your phone working as well.


Your phone CPU (center processing unit) is used to running the a lot of apps in the background. And in some cases some application required to reset the CPU for the working and due to the high use of CPU your phone restart automatically.
If you notice that your phone starting turn off after installing a particular app then uninstall your this app and the restart your phone after remove the app then check your phone working as well.
And if you don’t remember after installing the which app this problem is happened then you have need to freez the app one by one and restart your phone after each app freez and then check problem solve or not.

Active Scheduled Powder Off and On

Schedule power off and on is the feature of the android phone that’s help to set the time when your phone will turn off and also you can set the time when your phone turn on back. And may be you have set the seting of turn on and off your phone and you don’t remember now or may be this schedule active by someone else and you don’t know. You have to find this option into your phone and need to turn off this option.
To do this. Open your phone seeting and then go to the system and then find the schedule power on and off. Check this if this setting is on then turn off this setting, and then your problem will sort out.

Power on and off button not working

If you have applied these all the above option and your problem still alive then you have to understand this is the hardware problem. And in the hardware case the first thing we have to check it the power on and off button. The power on and off button holding after the 8-10 second the mobile will turn off and on. May be due to your phone mobile power on and off button the problem is happing and force your phone to turn off and on frequently.
To solve this problem first of all if you have phone case then remove your phone case for some time. Then you need to check your phone case is holding your phone power on and off button or not. If you find that your phone power on and off button is not working then go to the mobile repair shop and fix this issue.

Insufficient memory

In some cases your phone frequently turns on and off due to your phone insufficient storage. Your phone and app is running in the CPU and use your phone memory and if you phone storage is insufficient and your mobile app is not running properly and your phone CPU force your phone to restart for run the app and close all other apps. So, this is the reasons your phone is on and off automatically.
To solve this issue you have need to remove all useless application and all other data like mp3 files, images, video etc you have into your phone. After free your phone space you can check your phone problem has been gone.

Internal hardware issue

If you have applied all the above suggestion solutions and your phone still have the problem then that’s mean this problem is not solve by yourself. This problem is the internal hardware and you cannot solve this if you are not expert of the mobile hardware then you have need to visit a repair shop for solve this issue.

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