How to Generate Quality Leads From LinkedIn: An Interview With Andrew Hernan

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If you’re interested in generating leads for your business, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be utilizing LinkedIn.

If your goal is to market a product or service and attract new customers, LinkedIn could be an invaluable resource. The platform boasts over 2 billion members from all walks of life – professionals, students, workers, and corporate executives alike!

To generate quality leads, we’ve utilized LinkedIn to its fullest potential. Through this process, we’ve acquired the ideal mixture of connections that can assist us in expanding our brand or launching an enterprise; as well as gain access to potential patrons who seek out products or services related to what we offer or provide.

What Are the Most Successful LinkedIn Lead Generating Methods?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who is searching for potential business partners on LinkedIn? Or are you a seasoned professional looking to identify brand-new prospects for your enterprise? Regardless of which camp you belong to, if you’ve been utilizing the social media platform diligently over time then there is a high likelihood that you have amassed quite an impressive network of contacts – many of whom may be eager to seek out new opportunities and partnerships.

Perhaps no other lead generation strategy can match LinkedIn’s efficiency in identifying quality leads as efficiently as the ‘Last 10 visits’ method.

What’s the Best Way to Find Leads On LinkedIn?

It can be difficult to discover new opportunities when there are so many businesses out there, but LinkedIn provides us with an effective way to uncover potential leads.

By employing a few simple tricks, you can easily identify the companies that have requested your presence or those which may require assistance in connecting with potential clients.

How Do I Find These LinkedIn Leads and What Next?

A great way to start making progress on your LinkedIn marketing strategy is by identifying the prospects you’d like to contact. To do this, you need to work through the many advanced search functions available within the platform.

Navigating among these various options can be an arduous task, however, a few essential queries could assist you with your quest for discovery:

What are those individuals’ names? Are there any that stand out from the rest? How many profiles does such a person have currently – how many of them can we reach out to? How much traffic does each one receive on an annual basis?

If you’re seeking advice on building up your profile, here are some key tips that may help:

To fully immerse yourself in the ins and outs of LinkedIn, consider opting for a premium membership that allows access to more features. Alternatively – if money isn’t an object – then don’t forget to utilize its free option!

What’s the Typical Process for Making a Source Connections Match?

I do not have any proprietary processes or algorithms but rather utilize a straightforward approach that entails simply finding out who your potential prospects are and relating.

Proceed to the LinkedIn profile of one or more potential customers, and scrutinize the individuals’ profiles. From here it is essential to assess the level of activity they post on these sites and observe which connections they are making – if any!

Assess their involvement with other individuals on these platforms; if they’re actively connecting with others then you’re likely on the right path toward identifying potential leads. On the other hand, if they appear disengaged from such interactions – chances are slim that what you’re currently pursuing could be placed into action.

What 4 Steps Does Andrew Take to Filter Quality Leads For His Cold Calling Process?

At first glance, it may seem like quite a daunting task to sift through the vast pool of LinkedIn contacts, filter out those with a prospective fit for your company and reach out to them.

To be certain that our call-to-action is simple and straightforward, we rely on just four steps: match up data from LinkedIn profiles with that of a conversation thread; identify potential customers; then dial their number and make contact!

Let’s take a look at how we implement these basic criteria for filtering Quality Leads for our cold-calling process:

  • Uncover connections with similar occupations and education levels.
  • Enumerate top contacts in your industry along with those who are likely to have the need for your services. 
  • Gather data on those in possession of your ideal clients’ contact information – such as email addresses or phone numbers – before convening an introductory chat. 
  • Inquire about their most pressing needs and provide solutions accordingly!


LinkedIn is an integral component of your marketing efforts. Utilize the app to create a dynamic profile that will attract top talent and enable you to connect with more people in a more meaningful way.