Battle of the Titans: Apex Pro vs Apex Keyboard – Which Reigns Supreme?

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The apex pro and Apex 7 keyboards share a striking resemblance, which is why we chose to pit them against each other in our epic battle of keyboards.

After scouring the internet in search of comparative benchmarks, it became apparent that there were few adequate tests available for this clash. Why? Well… because Apex Pro is no slouch either!

The two devices are equally powerful – yet they both possess their own distinct advantages and characteristics that make them stand out from the rest. So let’s take a look at what these tools have been used for so far!

Design and Features

The Apex Pro and Apex 7 share a similar design aesthetic, boasting all-aluminum exteriors with contrasting vinyl keycaps that give off a retro vibe.

Despite the similarities between these keyboards, they possess significant distinctions. This includes:

  • In terms of size and portability, the Apex Pro stands out as the indisputable champion – weighing only 1.1 lbs (544g) while traveling easily without compromising functionality or comfortability even when in use! It also features 2 USB Type C ports which will come in handy during travels; ready for connecting any device at hand such as a laptop or tablet!

Pro: Durable

If durability is your primary concern, then the Apex Pro excels at delivering. The laser-cut aluminum chassis has a robust construction that helps withstand heavy usage in travel or office settings.

If you’re looking for something less bulky, the Apex 7 could be a more enjoyable experience. With its compact form factor and lightweight design, it can easily slip into smaller carry-on bags without an issue!

ergonomic design

Ultimately, what sets these keyboards apart is their ergonomic design. The Apex Pro Keyboards are manufactured with high-quality ABS plastic, while the Apex 7’s construction is made up of Nylon on both sides. This material combination provides a smooth and comfortable experience for your fingertips when typing; ideal for those who suffer from wrist pain!

The difference in materials used in manufacturing the two keyboards can be both beneficial and detrimental to users’ comfort levels – depending on where they place their hands while using them. On one hand, the user may not feel any pressure whatsoever; however, this could cause discomfort if they place them in spots that require attention. In contrast, Apex Keyboard’s flagship keyboard model boasts a more optimal design that allows users to rest their wrists whilst placing their palms near the home keys or space bar – providing an unparalleled level of ease for those suffering from such maladies as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Con: Pricey

The Apex Pro is unequivocally more expensive than its less-stylized cousin – though it still remains significantly more affordable than a premium membrane keyboard.

While the Apex Pro retails at a relative pittance, when compared with other mechanical options such as Filco and Orion, it’s understandable why users may be hesitant in investing in this particular device.

Nevertheless, should you choose to invest in one of these keyboards – be sure we wish you the best of luck!

although it’s a good value

It’s hard to deny the Apex Pro’s high-value proposition, with its sleek aesthetic design and user-friendly software. On top of that, it is also reasonably priced compared to other mechanical keyboards in this niche!

However, if you value aesthetics over function – which we certainly do not – the Apex 7 may be more to your liking. It boasts a minimalist design but still includes all the necessary features such as N-key rollover and anti-ghosting functionality.

Apex 7 vs Apex Pro: Which is right for you?

The Apex 7 has some unique features that you won’t find on the slightly more budget-oriented Apex Pro. First among them is an RGB lighting system; this functionality allows users to customize their board’s aesthetic and illuminate it with millions of colors.

Also present on the Apex 7 is the clickable wrist rest – another prominent feature absent from the Apex Pro. This ingenious design enables those who may not prefer physical keys to still enjoy a typing experience – all without compromising comfort!

Best Keyboard for Office Work: Does it even have a competition?

If you’re seeking a keyboard for office work, there is no disputing the supremacy of Apex keyboards. This is demonstrated by their resounding victory in our office test – with a crisp keystroke and some impressive speed outstripping even mechanical counterparts!

For those who find themselves working on less-demanding tasks, however, it may be worth exploring portable designs like the Keyboards 5 Best Laptop Keyboards – which would allow you to take your keyboard wherever you go – be it to work or when traveling.

If portability isn’t an issue none can match the reliability of mechanical typewriters. If you still desire this type of experience then one brand stood above all others in June 2018: IBM Model M.

To gain an understanding of how they compare with other beasts, we pitted them against each other in a variety of tests. The results were pretty unanimous: no matter what category was assessed, these machines remained supremely victorious!

Bottom Line: The battle of the apexes!

For those seeking a robust and versatile key layout, the Apex Pro is a no-brainer. From its array of standard modifier keys such as num pad-esque Caps Lock and Ctrl keys to even the inclusion of AltGr – all this keyboard has it!

For the price and features offered by Apex, there’s no denying that this keyboard is an impressive package. Its substantial value proposition will be appreciated by anyone seeking a high-quality yet affordable keyboard with ample customization options.


Despite their disparities, the Apex Pro and Apex 7 share one undeniable similarity: they are among the most prominent keyboards on the market. And with that title comes significant hype – both good and bad – surrounding these models.

Is it worth upgrading to the Apex Pro? If you’re an industry professional or someone who requires advanced features such as Cherry MX switches and macros, then yes…it’s definitely worth it!

You’ll benefit from an enhanced typing experience with the Apex Pro. This premium keyboard features a detachable cable, improved keycaps, and increased anti-ghosting capabilities for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Those aspiring for a more erudite look may opt for the Apex 7 – which boasts a sleek Italian Painted design. Alternatively, those seeking affordability instead may take advantage of the Apex 6 model which is available at an even more astounding price point!