Say Goodbye to Green, Black, and Blue Screens on Your TV Forever with These Expert Fixes!

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Every time my television screen exhibits a shade of green, black, or blue, I know that something is amiss and need to bring it inside for an examination. Sometimes the issue is immediately apparent; other times it may require some detective work!

Like any savvy tech enthusiast, I know how to troubleshoot the most common technical issues and resolve them swiftly. In this piece, we’ll delve into what causes your TV screen’s colors to go awry and provide simple fixes for those pesky blues.

Watch Your Favorite Shows and Movies in Color

For those seeking to experience vivid color on their television sets, there are a few options. First off, the advent of HDR (high dynamic range) technology provides an array able range of luminosity that can be accessed through various programming.

Also available are sophisticated color gamuts such as DCI-P3 and Rec. 2020, which provide a wider assortment of hues than any HDTV has previously been capable of achieving; from barely perceptible blues to rich greens – these standards are perfect for watching 2018 Oscar-winning movies in their full splendor!

If you’d like more control over your HDR experience, you can even configure it yourself to suit your tastes. Create an ideal look for yourself by customizing the appearance of colors across various displays – whether it be through calibrating the display settings or creating a personal color profile.

Make Your TV’s Remote Smarter

With the advent of smart TV interfaces and voice control, there has been a revival in remote-control innovation. Here are some useful suggestions for remotes that can enhance your TV experience and cater to various preferences – seamlessly!

  • Streamline your remote with a state-of-the-art universal remote. This one operates systems as diverse as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and many others all at once. With its abundance of features, it truly is an indispensable commodity!
  • Upgrade your standard QWERTY keyboard. These days, smartphones and tablets are capable of emulating a comparatively simple QWERTY interface. You can even customize the layout to fit your needs – or even create brand new layouts altogether that feel fresh!
  • Utilize software synths to generate unique types of touchscreen keyboards which will provide you with an alternative option to tapping out text messages on your mobile device.

Turn Off the Blue Light Filter

Blue light is the most common culprit for inducing sleeplessness, which can result in daytime drowsiness and even insomnia. When blue light hits the retina of your eyeball, it signals the brain that it’s time for sleep – which may not be realistic if you’re still awake!

Yong stands out as a notorious offender: Blue-light blocking filters are standard on all its eye-care devices, such as spectacles and contact lenses. Even if you don’t wear any sort of corrective eyewear; simply turning off the blue light whenever possible can help ensure a good night’s rest!

Brighten Your TV with a Blue Light Filter Plug-In

Ever wonder why some digital devices, like smartphones and tablets, emit a bluish tinge to their screens? It’s not an anomaly – it is quite typical. With the rise of portable technology, blue light has become an increasingly prevalent issue for users with no effective countermeasures available yet.

Luckily, this can be alleviated with a simple blue light filter plug-in! Simply fire up any media player or video streaming app – in addition to your usual display settings – and select it from the taskbar. Then find the option of ‘screen enhancement’ and select one from among the many options presented: contrast control, sharpness control, or color temperature adjustment; each provides potential advantages over the other. Finally, select the desired effect and revel in crisp, vivid colors!

Blue light filters provide users with a versatile toolbox for enhancing their screen’s luminosity as well as adjusting its hue.

Bring Back the Green Screen with a Green Screen Filter

Green Screen filters are a straightforward application that allows you to turn your television into a green screen for movie shoots or even for fun! They come in the form of lens filters that can be affixed to your camera’s kit, tape gels, and more.

The benefits of creating a green screen background with a filter are numerous, which is why it’s an indispensable tool when you’re working on video projects. It provides a temporary, nondestructive creative space where you can freely experiment with lighting and composition – without incurring any additional expenses on set!

This is especially useful if you don’t have access to an actual green screen backdrop (like say… if you’re filming an animated film but don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars on acquiring one). What could be better than creating one yourself?

Make Your Television Screen Resume Black

If you find yourself yearning for a more subdued look when it comes to your television screen, don’t fret! It is possible to manually eliminate the green tinting. To do so, simply place a finger on top of your smart device’s screen and gradually slide it to the left as though removing makeup.

Don’t forget that this step requires caution; otherwise, you may rapidly incur an unsightly black blotch directly in the center of your display.


If you’re encountering an unruly blue screen on your television, don’t panic! It’s possible to restore the original color of the screen and eliminate that ominous shade of grey – all without purchasing any additional equipment.