How To Use Two Headphones On PC?

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Most people use one headphone when they’re listening to music or watching a movie on their computer. But did you know that you can actually use two headphones at the same time? In this article, we’ll show you how to do it. Keep reading for instructions.

I’m writing this because I know many people struggle to use two different sets of headphones on their pc. It’s very simple, but lots of people don’t know how. The purpose of this article is for me to tell you what to do and save you the hassle of reading multiple forums or watching numerous youtube videos.

How to use two headsets on pc with a splitter?

  1. First, you need a 3.5mm jack splitter. They’re very cheap and can be purchased on Amazon or from your local dollar store for about $1-$2 CAD.
  2. Picture of a simple  3.5mm headphone/audio cable splitter
  3. Make sure the cables are relatively short when connected to the headset, so they don’t get in the way.
  4. If you have two separate 3.5mm cables, plug one into your computer. I would recommend putting it in the front to avoid accidentally pulling out the cable if you put it on your desk. Plug the other end into your headphone’s audio-out (NOT MICROPHONE!!!) port.
  5. If you have two sets of headphones, plug one into your computer’s audio-out port. Plug the other end into the splitter (the jack that doesn’t go into the computer). If you’re using a splitter with click buttons that change between outputs, make sure it’s on the same output as your first headphone.
  6. Plugin your headphones, and you’re done! You can even use a microphone on one of the jacks to talk to people through Steam or Skype.

How to use two headsets on pc without a splitter?

To get two headphones working on one PC, you don’t need any special equipment. You can use a simple 3.5mm Y-adapter, which is inexpensive and compatible with most sound cards made for at least the last several decades. Here are some instructions on how to set it up:

  1. Make sure there’s no sound playing. Make sure the headphones are plugged in and turned on.
  2. Take an empty 3.5mm Y-adapter and plug each male end into the green and pink headphone jacks in your computer’s output panel respectively, and connect both female ends directly to one another (plugs facing down).
  3. Make sure the volume is turned all the way down on both headphones. You should not hear any output while doing this step (if you do, go back and make sure one set of headphones is not plugged in).
  4. Take an audio cable slightly longer than three feet long, and plug it into the green headphone jack port on your computer’s sound card.
  5. Take the female ends of your audio cable and plug them into the splitter’s green and pink ports respectively (plugs facing down). It’ll help if you use a clip to hold each plugin place since they can wobble around pretty easily.
  6. Make sure the volume is turned all the way down on both headphones. Turn the headphones’ volume up halfway and test to make sure you are getting the sound from both of them.
  7. Make sure your headphones are plugged in before playing any audio on your computer! Otherwise, you’ll get bad feedback.

That’s it! You can connect any two sets of headphones/speakers together by following these steps. This method will work for basically any computer with analog output devices (the kind that each have their own green headphone jack).

What is the best way to connect Bluetooth headphones to a Windows 10 device?

There are many different Bluetooth headphones available to the consumer, and these headphones can be used on any Windows 10 device. The average person will not be able to use more than one set of headphones at a time, but these devices can also pair with two or more devices simultaneously. With some specific applications or Bluetooth connections, this may not be possible.

Two different methods for using two Bluetooth headphones on a device are available. It’s possible to use one set of Bluetooth headphones at the same time as another set, or it’s also possible to connect multiple sets of headphones simultaneously. Before beginning, ensure that your Bluetooth connections are not paired with any other devices.

The first method requires both headphones to be connected to the device at once. Although this method takes up two of the available Bluetooth connections on a device, it is simple and effective.

Begin by opening “Settings.” Select either “Devices” or “Bluetooth & other devices,” depending on which version of Windows you are using. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled for your device, and locate the Bluetooth device that you want to connect. Click the “Connect” button, and wait for a few moments until your headphones are connected.

Repeat these steps with your second set of headphones to complete this process. Do note that if another device is already paired with either device it will not be possible to connect them. Make sure that each device can be connected to at least one other device before connecting them together.

The second method requires two different Bluetooth connections but makes it possible to connect all devices simultaneously. This process is more complicated than the first option and may be challenging for some people.

Begin by opening “Settings.” Select either “Devices” or “Bluetooth & other devices,” depending on which version of Windows you are using. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled for your device, and click the “+” button next to “Available devices.” This will allow you to select another set of headphones that are currently available for pairing with your device.

Repeat this process until all of the desired Bluetooth connections have been made. To connect all of the headphones simultaneously, simply select one of the available connections on the device. All the devices will begin to connect automatically. When this process is complete, each headphone set can be used independently of each others for listening purposes.

The methods available for using two Bluetooth headphones are simple and effective options that allow users more flexibility when choosing which pairs of headphones to use. Both options are suitable for different situations and should be considered when using Bluetooth devices in conjunction with Windows 10 devices.

Why do you want to connect two headphones?

There are a number of reasons you might want to use two earphones on your PC. You may want to listen to music privately with a friend, or you may want to play multiplayer games without bothering those around you. Thanks to the rise of home theatre PCs and Bluetooth speakers, connecting multiple sets of headphones has never been easier.

How do you connect two sets of headphones for PC?

There are several different ways you can go about connecting headphones to your computer. The simplest method is using an auxiliary cable, which will plug into the headphone jack on your sound card (often colored black) or motherboard (colored green). Two sets of headphones can be connected this way at once. You can also connect two headsets to your PC using the USB port. If both sets have a microphone, you can use this connection to chat without taking off your headphones.

A wireless option that is becoming more common is Bluetooth connectivity. Using Bluetooth, you can connect any set of wireless headphones to your computer or TV for high quality sound wirelessly. As long as the headphones have receiver Bluetooth connectivity, you should have no problem connecting them to your computer.


Now that you know how to use two headphones on your computer, go forth and enjoy your music and movies with a friend! By following the simple instructions in this article, you can now share your entertainment experience with someone else. We hope you find this information helpful.

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