What Could Be Causing My Laptop to Shut Down When I Put It in Its Port?

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My laptop has recently begun to turn itself off when I attempt to connect it via its USB port; how perplexing!

It seems that in the last few weeks, whenever I’ve attempted to connect my laptop via its USB port and make use of it, it has unexpectedly shut down – leaving me with no means of utilizing it. So far as I know- this hasn’t happened before…

What could be causing your personal computer or laptop to shut down when it’s connected by USB?

Are There Any Steps to Take When Your Laptop Is Shutting Down When It’s In Its Port?

If your laptop is shutting down when it’s in its port, there are a few solutions that you could try out. If none of them guarantee success and provide an acceptable remedy then consider having the port itself examined; this may be the only viable option available!

Typically, the corrective action would involve remounting your Mac Pro into a different orientation so as not to impede any electrical components within its chassis.

The following options may help:

  • The simplest solution is to align with USB-C ports, but if this doesn’t work for you then consider swapping with a standard one.

If neither of these options yields results and none of the others seem to be feasible either – give up!

What Kind of Problem Is This?

If your laptop experiences frequent shutdowns while it is connected to an AC adapter and within proximity of its port, then you may be encountering a hardware issue.

The most common issue encountered when it comes to power cords is one of two possible scenarios: either device failure or electrical interference could be responsible for the problem.

If your MacBook Pro suddenly experiences a crash with no discernible cause, check out the following troubleshooting steps before calling in an Apple Genius bar!

How Does a Port Shutting Down Relate to Other Problems?

If your laptop is experiencing an issue resulting in a shutdown, it’s possible that other components could be impacted as well. For instance, if your device is encountering difficulties in charging – such as being unable to successfully establish contact with an external power source – then taking it out of its port may be the solution!

This article will explore some common notebook solutions, including how they relate to port shut-off.

Should I Call the Geek Squad for this Issue?

If your laptop’s power port has become damaged, this could be causing it to cease functioning. Affected individuals may simply need to replace the port with a new one; however if their hardware is fully functional – yet still experiencing issues when connected by USB – then it is possible that they should seek assistance from an experienced technician.

If you’re experiencing sporadic problems when connecting your device via USB, don’t hesitate: to call upon some of the specialist technicians from your regional Best Buy Store.

Make Sure That You Have Everything That You Need for Whatever Repair You’re Doing on Your Laptop

Are you attempting to perform some minor maintenance on your laptop, or do you require a more extensive overhaul? Whatever the case may be, before commencing any of them, it’s important to ensure that you have all the necessary tools.

From my experience, whenever I need to disassemble anything on a laptop I am inclined to keep the following items close at hand:

  • A screwdriver set or pair of tweezers is essential. If you run across a time when you have to remove screws, don’t forget! Also, remember that there could be countless others hiding underneath other components within your computer; if one is not present then hardware failure may result in data loss.


If your laptop continues to shut down when it is plugged in, there could be a multitude of reasons: malware or an error has been detected on its hard drive; the power supply has become defective; or even an issue with the port itself.

If none of these options account for your problem, it may be time to contact a laptop repair company in your area. Our team is proficient at diagnosing and repairing all makes and models. If you’re searching for a capable service provider today – give us a call!

Don’t panic! Our team is standing by and ready to assist you with any issue regarding your laptop. Simply give us a call, send us an email, or fill out our online request form – we will respond as soon as possible.

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