Easy Steps to Fix TV Stuck on Mutes in Seconds!

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Are you perplexed by the predicament of your TV being mute despite numerous attempts to activate sound? Don’t fret – it’s not an issue with the set!

Rather, it’s a common occurrence that can be rectified with minimal effort.

1. Press and Hold the Power Button

If your TV is exhibiting signs of distress, such as being sluggish or not switching on at all – don’t fret! A quick fix can be achieved with only a few simple steps.

When attempting to resuscitate a television that has become stuck in the ‘off’ state, such action as pressing and holding down the power button could be all it takes to bring your set back to life!

To see if your TV has been muted, press the power button. If there is no response, simply continue to hold it down while observing if sound returns.

2. Untick the “Power Off” Option

If your set has been left on, chances are it will automatically shut down at the end of its allotted time frame. This prevents any potentially dangerous situations that could arise while power remains connected to electronic devices in one place; therefore, it’s important not to leave this feature turned on.

For those who forget – unplugging equipment before powering off is vital. Pressing the ‘Power Off’ option will initiate an automatic shutdown which does not require any additional effort from yours truly!

3. Press the Menu Button

  • To access the menu on your television, you must first press any applicable button (such as an arrow key or enter key) on top of the remote control.
  • After selecting it, head to Settings and choose Audio. Then, select Unmute from the list!

4. Scroll to “Sound” and Set Aside Your Remote

  • If you’re just not skilled at operating your television’s remote, don’t panic. There’s an easy fix: Just scroll to ‘Sound’ on the menu and select it!
  • For those who are accustomed to utilizing a remote control, this may come as something of a surprise – especially if they’ve never customized their television’s settings before! To locate the option that allows you to set the sound level manually – rather than relying solely on automatic adjustments by default – simply navigate through the options until you reach one that offers control over the channels’ audio output.

It’s a quick process! If you haven’t mastered the art yet, no sweat; experience is the best teacher!

5. Press the TV’s Mute Button

If your TV is stuck on mute, just press its on-screen button. This action will initiate a dialogue with the unit that may assist in enabling sound – as long as it has been configured correctly!

If you have a 5.1 surround sound system or are unfamiliar with channel settings, simply domesticate them to your preferences. Navigate through the programming guide and locate settings for your preferred audio tracks – from music selections to narration selection; then alter levels accordingly for optimal clarity!

6. Re-Check the Sound Setting in Your TV’s Menu

On the remote control, press CLR. Then, select AUDIO SETUP – ADVANCED and confirm that the channel is selected as “TV/Audio.”

Otherwise, this setting will simply be ignored.

If you have any concerns about the audio for your TV, check it out using the menu options. The various settings are quite straightforward – so don’t panic!

7. Turn Off The TV’s Power Source

If your remote control can’t seem to locate the power button – or it may be an issue with the physical device itself – try turning off your TV’s power source.

If this doesn’t solve things, call a repair person and inquire about how much that would cost.


The solution to this issue is straightforward: simply press the ‘MUTE’ button on your television’s remote control. This will restore sound, which should eliminate the need for any unsightly equipment removals!

For those who are already aware of the severity of their TV’s audio mute function, it can be a confusing ordeal to determine its proper functionality. Keep an eye out for when a device unexpectedly silences itself – chances are it may not function as intended! To ascertain whether or when that is so, simply attempt to unmute your television with no success; if nothing happens when you press ‘MUTE’ on the remote control – then perhaps it’s time to take action!

If you find yourself in possession of a set that refuses to resume sound after being muted, don’t delay in contacting us for assistance! We’ll help decipher what’s going on and offer tips on how best to rectify the situation.

Unmuting your TV can be an arduous undertaking, but we’re here to assist! Give us a call or send us an email if you require more information about our audio remotes or any other related topics.