Say Goodbye to Annoying TV Noise with These Simple Fixes!

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In an effort to achieve a more relaxing TV experience, some people have resorted to employing a nifty little trick: tuning out the intrusive sounds produced by their television sets. But alas! This clever solution can sometimes prove quite tricky – especially if you’re trying to watch something quiet and tranquil!

Have you ever encountered the annoyance of hearing random sounds from your TV? It can be incredibly frustrating when it happens during an episode that you are hoping to enjoy in peace! If so, then take heart – we’ve got all the solutions for you!

Nothing fixes TV noise like a new TV or sound system.

If you are eager to rid your home of annoying TV noise, first consider whether a new television is warranted. If so, then it may be prudent to invest in a new set.

If an upgrade isn’t feasible, there are still ways to improve the quality of your sound through tweaks like tweaking the volume levels on your speakers or appending a subwoofer.

1. Turn up the volume

When you’re listening to music at home, the volume level can be altered – even if it’s a transcription of an acoustic performance! By utilizing an amplifier or receiver with individual volume control for your TV and A/V system, you can adjust the output accordingly.

For instance, if you are experiencing audio interference from additional devices such as vacuums or other household appliances that produce high decibels, increase the volume on devices like the TV or microwave when not in use.

2. Move closer to the TV

If you are within arm’s reach of the television, it may be prudent to consider making an adjustment by locating yourself within range. However, do not forget that proximity is not the sole determinant in stifling noise!

Indeed, if your position does not encompass a sizeable distance from the device itself (such as lying on your side across from it or seated at its edge), then any resultant amplification could prove detrimental. Why? Because when we speak with such proximity to a TV screen, there is typically a greater likelihood for our voices to be picked up by its microphone; thus creating even more noise!

Therefore getting up close and personal with your TV does not necessarily translate into lessening the sound emanating from said apparatus.

3. Put on a pair of headphones

If blasting a TV set with an audio system just isn’t going to cut it, then turn on the volume and go within. If you’re listening through headphones or earbuds, it’s possible to tune out any ambient noise associated with your device – so long as you switch them on before sitting down at home!

In any case, when it comes to TVs, there are several methods for preparing for unplugging: from utilizing analog connections or even shutting off power altogether; from opting for screen-free viewing; even employing sound-canceling technology can all have their own perks if you’re seeking the most effective way forward. Ultimately, whatever choice you make will depend entirely upon what suits your lifestyle best!

4. Switch to Universal Remote Control

Sometimes, a universal remote control will provide the perfect solution to your annoying TV noises.

Like any other universal remote control, one can be used to adjust the brightness and volume of your TV or set-top box. Furthermore, it may even allow users to perform certain functions when within proximity of the device!

5. Use your phone as a remote

Are you content with letting your smartphone serve as a remote control? If so, you can stream content on your screen and access certain features too!

Using your phone as a remote is more convenient than squinting at a set-top box or device in order to navigate around your media library. Also, it’s considerably less prone to signal interruptions such as static and buzzes!

To get started, simply open up your favorite app on your phone. Then select the desired item of your home screen and press one of its functions; for instance, if you want to pause the show you’re watching: just do so by tapping Pause – no need for pressing physical buttons!

Still can’t stand TV noise? Call a handyman!

For those who do not possess any expertise in home repair, but rather rely on the services of a handyman, there is an easy solution: just get rid of it!

For those whose budget is more limited than others, consider using an open-box discount at your local electronics shop; this can help save money while still offering the functionality of one’s purchase. As an added bonus – if your chosen set’s features aren’t quite what you were looking for – simply return it before its warranty expires!


If you’ve encountered any of these issues, don’t panic! We’re here to help. Just contact one of our associates and we’ll be glad to assist you in resolving it.