Server Unreachable Errors on Your Mobile Phone – Follow These Simple Fixes Now!

You are currently viewing Server Unreachable Errors on Your Mobile Phone – Follow These Simple Fixes Now!

Frustratingly, I’ve noticed that I am encountering more and more server unreachable errors on my mobile phone. It’s an annoyance that can be remedied easily!

Server Unreachable Errors on Mobile Phones: What Are They?

If your device cannot establish a proper link or connection with the web server, it will display an error message similar to this:

  • Unable to connect to the remote server, or possibly receive any available data. Please make sure that the website is reachable and check your internet connection for any problems.
  • Despite all your efforts, the server may remain unreachable due to one reason or another; at present, there are many possible causes of this issue such as:
  • Can’t connect to our server? Check out these solutions!

If you’re encountering issues getting onto your favorite websites, you’re unlikely to be vexed by this error message. While it could take some time before resolving these issues can be quite simple! Here are some tips on how to access your favorite pages again:

Fix 1: Make Sure Your ISP is Providing the Right Address

If you are a subscriber to an ISP which provides an address at the same time as the server location, then it is possible that some of your data may not be reaching its intended destination. For example – if you live in the United States but have a work email account with an outside company whose servers are situated within the EU; this could leave your emails unreachable!

To avoid this issue, first, ensure that your own connection is providing an accurate and complete IP address. Then examine both this IP address and the server location to ensure they match.

Fix 2: Check DNS Settings on Your Router or Network Admin Panel

If your DNS settings on your router or network admin panel are incorrect, then this may be the cause. Make certain that all of your devices have the correct IP address associated with them; otherwise, you may find yourself unable to connect to any services whatsoever – which is precisely what we’re attempting to remedy here!

To ascertain if the issue lies with your DNS Settings, perform an inquiry at to obtain a glimpse at them. If they’re not showing up properly despite having been configured correctly, then it’s essential that you rectify this situation as soon as possible in order for your connections to become fully operational again!

Fix 3: Check If the Server Address is Entering a Captive Portal

If your server is situated within a network or hotspot that requires an authentication process or password before allowing access, then it may be difficult for you to obtain any information from it. This could potentially lead to difficulties trying to access the desired destination.

This does not necessarily mean that your mobile phone cannot reach the intended Websites or servers; one merely requires an appropriate portal through which he or she can enter their credentials in order to gain access.

If you’ve forgotten your captive portal login details, don’t fret – simply provide them when prompted on your device and gain access again.

Server Unreachable Error on Mobile Phone FAQ

Why is the Server Unreachable Error on my smartphone such a bummer? First things first, don’t despair. This error can be removed with only a few steps!

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to avoid an occasional inconvenience like this one. If your internet connection proves to be spotty during regular usage – say, when you’re taking out the trash or commuting to work – then chances are that your device might encounter this issue at some point too.

This server unreachable error could be because of several factors; typically, there’s a connection issue between your device and its services provider. Alternatively, it could also indicate that the website you were attempting to access does not offer any connectivity anymore and has been shut down permanently – so consider checking for updates before resuming any activity!

Internet Connection Errors

If your mobile phone fails to acquire an adequate internet connection while you’re out and about, it could mean encountering some frustrating issues.

If you find yourself in this position, then there are several troubleshooting tasks that may provide relief. Some solutions include:

  • Reinstalling the app – resuming a session can sometimes rectify connectivity issues.

Enabling Wi-Fi or cellular data on your device – if these connections prove successful with no success with wired access then we could also consider this option! Ensure that nothing is obstructing the signal/connection as well as all other devices within range should be excluded from using the same wireless channel.

Try connecting to another hotspot or perhaps even one in a different area to see if that helps. If not, check for any possible interference sources in your vicinity such as other wireless networks or smartphones; then move them away from where you are trying to connect.

Blocked Ports & Strange Server Unreachable Errors on Your Computer

If your Internet access is being blocked, it could be a sign that you are experiencing an issue with your firewall software or router settings. To identify whether this may be the case for you; simply open up an internet browser (e.g. Chrome/Firefox) and attempt to access websites such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter – if they do not load properly then this could indicate an issue with your firewall settings.

If so, don’t fret-it’s quite possible to rectify the situation! If you’ve already upgraded to a more powerful piece of hardware, there is no need to purchase new hardware if it doesn’t provide more power than what you currently possess – all solutions mentioned here require little effort on behalf of users yet offer substantial benefits.

To begin with, ensure that ports 80, 443, 3389, and 53 are accessible in the server configuration of your firewall software. Additionally inquire with your IT administrator about allowing direct connections from external devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.


Every day, thousands of individuals are confronted with the dilemma of whether or not to connect to a remote server. In spite of the inconvenience, many people continue making the decision to connect – only exacerbating network congestion rather than alleviating it!

If you are encountering these types of errors on your mobile device and are seeking an immediate solution, consider taking advantage of one of the options presented.