How to Fix Burnt Laptop Smell Forever? the Magical Solution!

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Once your laptop has been subjected to a stint in the sun, it can become corrupted with that unmistakable burnt-laptop odor. This is troublesome as it can be quite off-putting – even if you utilize an air conditioning unit!

Fortunately, there’s an efficient fix for this issue. Let me guide you through it!

What Is the Cause of the Laptop Burned Smell?

Your laptop has endured a fiery ordeal, and its insides have experienced substantial oxidation. As a consequence, the residue left behind is not only unpleasant but also hazardous – it can even pose serious respiratory hazards if inhaled!

The culprit for that lingering smell on your laptop is anything from spillage to malfunctioning components such as hard drives and RAM; however, none of these are likely culprits if none of them were damaged during an incident involving fire.

That’s right; one of the most common causes of that peculiar odor is simply an accumulation of dust in your laptop’s ventilation slots and vents! This can be remedied by vacuuming; however, some individuals find more effective alternatives such as air fresheners.

How to Get Rid of a Laptop That Smells Like Burning?

Upon acquiring your new laptop, it’s possible that its odor may be difficult to discern until the machine is in regular use.

Fret not! Here are a few remedies that can help you eliminate that unpleasant odor.

Don’t Make the Burned Computer Problem Worse!

If you’ve unfortunately experienced a literal cooking accident and managed to damage your computer, then don’t despair! There are several ways you can attempt to resolve the issue.

  • The key is to ascertain whether or not it’s feasible for you to salvage the hard drive before attempting any form of data retrieval. If it’s possible, then try taking advantage of specialized tools designed specifically for data recovery purposes – such as an external hard drive enclosure

Turn Off Any Power-Saving Settings First

It’s a given that when your laptop is powered down and unplugged, it will prevent its components from releasing any residual heat. However, if you fail to initiate the power-saving function on purpose or inadvertently select an option that disables it altogether – be sure to take action immediately!

To ensure that your laptop remains cool while using the internet, energy-efficient mode should always be selected. Alternatively, if you are comfortable with risky options like ‘High Performance’ which could potentially come at a cost of battery life; then by all means go ahead and choose those as well!

Change Out The Fan if Necessary

If your laptop’s fan is failing, then it may be time to replace it with an after-market model. If a replacement isn’t readily available, consider replacing the entire fan assembly – or at least seek professional assistance when dealing with such a delicate issue!

If your laptop has no fan and simply relies on the internal heat sink to dissipate heat, there are several measures you can take to solve this problem. Invest in an external cooling device! 

Clean Out Your Compartment If It’s a Cabinet

If your laptop’s case has a compartment, you may be able to annihilate its stench by simply vacuuming it out. However, this may not necessarily be an effective solution; as the smell could still persist after being removed from the device! To safely remove odors and provide an environment that is free from contaminants – do not forget to vacuum even if it seems like there isn’t any smell left at all!

If your laptop sat neglected in an open cabinet for a prolonged period of time, consider having a professional clean it thoroughly. If you are intent on taking matters into your own hands, it is prudent to employ a dilute three percent peroxide solution along with a dehumidifier during the process.

Use an Unscented Degreaser to Clean Out Your Computer Case if Needed Be

To ensure that your e-cigarette does not leave behind a pungent odor, you should invest in an air freshener. Avoid using scented candles or incense as these can lead to unpleasant odors lingering in the air; instead, opt for an all-natural option such as essential oils, which will allow you greater control over how intense their scent is perceived by others.

If you find yourself trapped inside your home for days on end, it’s imperative to utilize an unscented degreaser. This product can assist you in removing any bacteria and other foul stench that may have accrued within your space!


Banish that pesky burnt laptop smell with the simple trick of opening an airtight container! The pungent odor can be significantly diminished if you seal up your device until it’s ready for use again; just make sure it’s properly ventilated before closing the lid.