The Ultimate Guide to Fixing AirPods Pro Noises!

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AirPods are the epitome of convenience. They’re so easy to slip into our ears that we don’t have to fumble with any buttons or fend off interruptions from others while listening to music. However, if you find your AirPods making a distinct buzzing noise when plugged in or out of your iOS device, then it’s time to silence them! Today we’ll unravel the mystery behind this perplexing phenomenon and provide an infallible solution – Silence The Noise!

Changing the AirPods Charging Cable

The humble charging cable is a likely point of failure for AirPods users. If yours has broken down, don’t fret – this little step can help you take care of things!

Unlock your new AirPod charging cable from the box and remove it. Insert one end into your Lightning dock (if applicable) if need be; otherwise, simply insert through the Lightning-cable port on your iPhone or iPad device.

After some time passes, it’s time to switch up things a bit by removing the old cable. Unscrew its base attachment with pliers and discard it when finished; alternatively, use a paper clip to open it up while still retaining its original form.

Changing the AirPods Magnetic Charging Cable

To rectify any issue with your AirPods charging cable, simply purchase a replacement one conveniently available from the Apple Online Store or an electronics store near you.

If the charging dock is no longer working properly, consider seeking out an alternative – such as switching to USB-C cables or even opting for magnetic chargers instead of electrical ones! But if these options fail to resolve the issue on their own merits then it may be time to contact Customer Support.

Changing the Earpiece on Your AirPods

The silicone flanges that secure the AirPods are their most vulnerable point, so if they become damaged or lose their elasticity they may not hold up to use as intended. Fortunately, you can replace your earpiece without purchasing a new pair!

  • First, locate the inner lining of your AirPod’s earpiece.
  • Then, peel back and remove it with your fingernails or tweezers.
  • Next, apply some pliable adhesive (such as Gorilla Glue) along the perimeter of the hole’s edge.
  • Return the inner lining and then place the replacement piece inside – gently pressing until it locks into place.

Changing the Wires in Your Ear

If the earbuds appear to be unresponsive when attempting to pair them with an iPhone or any other device, don’t panic! This could simply indicate that there is a problem with your connection. To resolve the situation, you can use a set of inexpensive tweezers or needle-nosed pliers to physically alter the location where they’re connected to your ear canal – this should rectify the issue. However, if all else fails: give it a try on another charging port!

If after putting in some effort you are unable to get an effective connection between your device and AirPods, it’s possible that placing them over your jaw may yield greater success—this position provides more direct contact between the two devices due to their proximity.

Swapping Out the Battery in Your AirPods

Like any other item, AirPods can be subjected to wear and tear over time. The battery within each pod will become depleted over time, necessitating the replacement of its own power source.

The majority of cases require a coin-sized flathead screwdriver to access the pods’ inner workings; however, in some instances, one may be required instead to gain access through the case itself.

With this modification, you’ll have more options for swapping out your depleted AirPods batteries.

Replacing the Battery in Your AirPods with a Higher-Rated One

An oft-overlooked solution to the AirPods’ battery issues is replacing it with a higher-rated one. If you’re experiencing constant low battery life or sporadic drops in power, then it might be prudent to invest in a model that offers greater longevity between charges.

If you are unsuccessful at achieving success with this remedy and have yet to experience any negative consequences, then perhaps it’s time to consider purchasing a new set of AirPods. If your current earbuds no longer function properly – and certainly aren’t giving off any favorable vibes regarding their quality – then you may as well make an investment in upgrading!

Taking Apart Your AirPods for Repairs

To access your AirPods, simply unscrew the two halves from their respective earpieces. Be aware that this may cause some minor discomfort and bruises – don’t forget to seek medical attention if any are present!

Disconnect and reattach the Lightning Connector cable. Then, remove the lower half of the unit by pushing it up and out of its tab. To gain access to the battery pack, simply pry it with a flathead screwdriver and detach; after which you can either replace or upgrade it. Finally, unclip and remove the upper segment from its connector port – depending on which model you own!


If you’re experiencing the ‘Airpods pro notices,’ don’t panic! There are several solutions to this problem and we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to silence those incessant sounds.

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