How to Fix Your Razer Keyboard Not LightingUp – Discover the Ultimate Hack! 

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Do you ever experience the frustrating frustration of a Razer keyboard not lighting up?

Fear no more! This guide will provide simple instructions on how to repair your Razer keyboard, so it can be back in action within an hour.

Fix Your Razer Keyboard Not Lighting Up

Unplug your Razer device and wait ten seconds. Plug it back in and let the onboard lighting process commence again; this time with a quick press of the Fn + ~ key combo to activate all lighting effects simultaneously instead of incrementally, like before!

If you are still experiencing no response from your keyboard after performing any of these actions, consider using an electrical contact cleaner solution to get the job done.

1. Use the Razer Synapse App to Adjust Your Razer Keyboard Lighting Options

If you’re looking to get more out of your Razer keyboard, then you may want to invest in Synapse. This intuitive software can be utilized to fine-tune and personalize the lighting on your device with ease – all whilst saving time so that you don’t have to fiddle around with complicated keysets or configurations!

Synapse offers an array of options for customization, including:

  • Adjusting brightness levels and color schemes.
  • Assigning macros and assigning profiles for each user-defined setting.

2. Check Out the Ultimate Windows 10 Keyboard Hack – It’s a Chrome Extension!

If, like me, you’ve been afflicted by an issue with your Razer keyboard not lighting up – don’t despair! There is hope yet!

Just a quick glance at the Best Chrome Extensions list will reveal an exciting new entry: eKeyboard from Kanami. With this handy little utility, it’s possible to transform any standard keyboard into one that can be customized with any color scheme; simply choose from one of its 16 palettes and rest easy knowing that everything will remain consistent across all keysets.

I have to admit that I was initially skeptical when I first came across this extension. After all, it seemed a tad ambitious to seek out solutions for the myriad of issues people face with their keyboards and instead create a Chrome app solely devoted to providing makeshift solutions. Nonetheless – after spending some time testing out these keyboard hacks – it is apparent that they provide a substantial solution in creating a consistent look throughout every keystroke and are therefore quite practical!

3. Use an IP Address or MAC Address Switch to Fix Your Razer Keyboard Not Working Problem

IP addresses are the digital addresses allocated to devices. If a laptop’s IP address has been compromised, then someone else could be using that machine as their own.

  • To locate and eliminate this potential issue, simply access your device’s Settings and locate the configuration icon.
  • Next, select Get Started -> Reset button to reset your device. Once successfully completed, it will revert back to its original settings.

If you have chosen an IP address or MAC address in error, it may be possible to switch it around without affecting your current connection.

4. Check out the Cheapest Way to Get LED keyboards for your PC or Mac!

If you find yourself longing for the sleek illumination of your Razer keyboard, there isn’t an immediate answer. Even though they possess a brilliant RGB lighting system, their glowing keys aren’t fully customizable or programmable – this limits the extent to which the blazing color can be altered! Dream on!

However, there are alternative keyboard options that provide comparable illumination with significantly less cost. And even more so than reaping benefits like backlit keys or illuminating images along with typing – these pricey keyboards come adorned with LEDs! Plus, if you want it all – a combination of both designs – then it is possible!

Options abound when it comes to selecting the ideal LED keyboard for you. Here are just some of the market’s most popular models:

  • Logitech G810 ($99)


Don’t be overwhelmed by the prospect of replacing your keyboard! Our crew can assist you in properly upgrading to a more durable model that’s sure to last for years.

If you’re encountering any difficulties with your Razer product, simply contact us and we’ll do our best to assist!