Why Does Your Computer Keep Turning On and Off After Installing RAM?

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Did you know that PC owners can experience their PC turning on and off after installing RAM? This is a common occurrence, especially if your system is still under warranty.

The culprit behind these intermittent reboots may be the memory modules installed in your computer – which could be one of several explanations for its odd behavior! Let’s take a closer look into what is actually causing the issues; how to identify if it’s caused by incompatible RAM; as well as how rectifying the situation can help ensure longer system use!

What is a PC possessed by an evil spirit or a demon?

That inexplicable interruption in your workflow might not be caused by an evil spirit or a demonic entity, but rather by a malfunctioning component. After all, you may be surprised to learn that there are numerous malfunctions that manifest themselves without any apparent cause!

If your PC is exhibiting issues and seemingly being controlled by a malicious entity, don’t despair: there are several solutions available. You can seek help from an expert who can attempt to resolve the situation or perhaps find an updated motherboard to replace broken components – even if it necessitates replacing the system altogether!

What are the signs of being “possessed” by a demon or an evil spirit?

Are you clueless as to why your PC keeps turning on and off after installing a RAM module? Well, it could be because of an evil spirit.

The most common signs of being possessed include:

  • Feeling intense anxiety or agitation;
  • Obsessing over and fearing one’s possessions or belongings;
  • Frequent, involuntary clonks on the keyboard;
  • Hellish laughter echoed throughout the room – sometimes even accompanied by shadowy figures making incoherent sounds.

How to know if your PC is possessed by an evil spirit or a demon:

Before we delve into the causes of this perplexing phenomenon, let’s talk about how you can confirm if something is amiss. If your PC suddenly switches on and off multiple times when you attempt to boot up, then chances are you may be dealing with a software problem – such as an uninstalled application or cache file.

To ascertain if it’s still happening after you’ve purged all unwanted files from your system, you could take advantage of some free tools that’ll help you find them in a flash! For example, CCleaner has a convenient tool called PhoneClean which will quickly reveal any apparently overlooked items like forgotten logins or cookies so that they can be deleted without fail.

If after checking through these processes, it still occurs regularly then there may be something more sinister at work; let’s explore what those potential reasons could be!

Can you exorcise or banish the evil spirits from your PC?

If you’re encountering this peculiar occurrence, the sooner you seek professional assistance from an electronics technician or repair shop, the better. If a computer is possessed – by any entity beyond its capacity to control – then intervention can be vital in order for you to regain control of it!

There are numerous options available for removing malicious spirits from your machine; but if you can’t find one that works for you, consider taking matters into your own hands and employing some drastic measures.

Make note of these signs so you can get your PC checked ASAP!

If you want to avoid any complications when upgrading your RAM, it’s essential to take note of the signs beforehand. These are just a handful of potential indicators that could indicate an issue:

  • After inserting new modules, your computer may spontaneously restart without prior warning and without providing any indication as to why.
  • When attempting to access files or applications on your device, it can abruptly turn itself off – leaving you without any recourse.
  • If the power is cut unexpectedly while your system remains active, you’ll experience a sudden loss of memory after reboot.


If you are encountering this issue, it appears that your PC has become possessed! This was once merely a fantasy from the olden days, but nowadays our digital devices seem to have an uncanny ability to malfunction on their own – typically without warning!

If you’ve determined that your PC is possessed and is turning itself on and off at an abnormal rate, then it’s essential that you consult with an IT professional. Don’t hesitate – seek help right away!