How to Fix iPad Screen That Is Too Dark? Instant Hacks!

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Your iPad’s screen looks dull and dark, but you don’t have to fork out a hefty sum for a new model! Discover how to brighten up that old tablet in just minutes with simple household solutions.

Are your iPad’s display settings too dark? Don’t be afraid to kick up brightness levels with these clever tips!

Make Your Screen as Bright as a Sunbeam with One Simple App

Let me introduce you to the app that can boost your iPad’s display brightness all by itself! You can opt for WhatZoom or its sister app – SmartZoom – and achieve all of these results in mere minutes with no effort at all.

  • WhatZoom is a handy little tool that enables you to enlarge images, YouTube videos, and webpages for better visibility on your device screen. To access it, simply tap the ‘+’ icon in any app; then select your desired image or webpage from the list provided (if any) and tailor its size as required.
  • With one simple tap, you can now effortlessly increase the text size of any document – making it more legible for those with less-than-perfect eyesight. Simply choose the font size you desire before resizing it if needed! If your iPad has an awkward display size, this handy app will assist in enlarging each letter in turn until reaching that ideal reading level.

Don’t Freak Out That Your iPad Screen Is Dark – Here’s How to Make It Bright!

If you’re pining for brighter skies, there are some simple tricks to coax a little more life from your iPad screen.

  • Adjust Screen Brightness – You can increase or decrease the brightness of an image on your screen by dragging the slider up or down, respectively.
  • Command – Shift Key to Toggle Between Two Brightness Levels

If you find yourself frequently switching between two levels of brightness while working on your iPad, then this tip could come in handy! To switch between them, simply hold down the Command key (on Macs), and tap it once; then continue pressing that key continuously until you’ve reached either one`s desired setting, then release it when done.

1. Open the “Settings” App

The Settings app is indispensable when it comes to configuring and customizing your favorite Apple devices, including the iPad. In case you haven’t utilized this app before or don’t even know where it’s located – don’t worry! This post will assist in elucidating how to find this essential app easily.

  • Launch Settings from the Home screen on your device and then navigate to Display by tapping on the dots icon at the bottom left corner next to Brightness if necessary.

Pro tip: For optimal results when customizing your display settings, make sure that Auto-Brightness is turned on; otherwise that illumination may not meet expectations. Moreover, a user can manually adjust brightness levels up or down as well as set an ideal contrast ratio between white/black colors.

2. Go to the “General” Tab

  • Find the General tab by swiping left on your iPad display and locate it along the bottom. Here you will find a plethora of functions that allow for customization; from accessing the accessibility options to enabling Airplane Mode or shutting down your device completely.
  • Enabling night-time mode is an excellent way to boost your screen’s contrast level; just be sure to do so before bedtime!
  • If you’re looking for something more substantial than a mere aesthetic modification, there are also tools like varying wattage levels that can further improve what eeks out of the screen – all without affecting the battery life!

3. Turn on “Night Shift Mode”

The final, yet perhaps most convenient fix is to activate the aptly-named Night Shift mode. With just a tap on iOS Settings app, you can activate this nighttime illumination enhancement that attempts to counteract the ravages of daily exposure to sunlight; its primary objective is to ensure adequate lighting during daytime hours.

Night Shift automatically adjusts your display’s color temperature (or warmth) based on sunrise and sunset times in your area. This ingenious feature broaches another perk from its introduction – namely: it is now possible for iPad owners everywhere to enjoy free access to its low-energy consuming mode!

4. Rest Easy

If you possess an iPad and it appears as if the screen is too dark, don’t despair! Don’t fret about having to buy a lightning device or even investing in some new accessories when there are plenty of solutions available to help improve its brightness.

If your tablet’s display isn’t bright enough to read comfortably, pop on an external keyboard and enjoy the added comfort of typing out those long essays. Or maybe the answer lies in increasing the backlit intensity? Consider installing a lamp retrofit like this one that can be easily swapped out whenever necessary! Alternatively – or perhaps both – consider utilizing a small solar panel that can provide free power; this could also prove beneficial during periods of cloudy weather.

Your Screen is as Bright as the Sun!

It’s almost as if the sun itself has descended upon your iPad! Once you’ve uncovered the means to adjust brightness levels, you may find that it appears more radiant than usual.

With a quick jump into the Settings app, locate and tap General: Brightness Up or Brightness Down. This can be accomplished quite easily; just remember that when you’re making adjustments – do so gradually!


Don’t fret over your darkened screen! These clever iPad Pro tips will help you lighten up any situation.